Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Natural High

In an interesting marketing ploy, some drug dealers have taken to selling Ecstasy pills stamped with a likeness of President Obama.

Most of Obama’s swooning admirers in the MSM, however, don’t need this kind of boost; they get high just by seeing him enter a room, or hearing him speak, or focusing on the crease in his pants-legs.

Speaking of drugs, looks like Obama is something of a “dealer”, himself.


JeffS said...

Is it a natural high, or are those swooning admirers permanently stoned from too much indulgence at a younger age?

I wouldn't bet on the natural high.....

richard mcenroe said...

If you stamp Obie on a pill, doesn't it automatically become a downer...?

mojo said...

Yeah, what is it with Brooks and legs. Something a little Freudian?

SB: glyzh