Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Nepotism: a game the whole family can play!

Mark Levin continues to sound the alarm.

The NSA foils a plot by, er, the NSA.

So, why is this woman still at large? (Chicago, of course).

Pistol-packin' granny drives off intruder.

The perils of having a bumper crop of blueberries.

The Obama scandal word-search game!

Hey, Joe Biden may be a bumbling idiot, but at least his political hackery is predictable.

The Obama administration: fighting scandal with scandal.

Herman Blustercock, call your office.

Mr. Bingley proves that global warming is even affecting the sun.


Mike said...

Thank you for the link Sir Paco. Hope you're having a good start to the summer.

Robert of Ottawa said...

The People's Cube piece about an "Intelligence Warehouse" should be renamed to "Intelligence Whorehouse".

Paco said...

So far, so good, Mike. Worried about these big storms headed our way, though.

bruce said...

Summer? Bah humbug, I'll just put another log on my fire.

You've heard of Schadenfreude, but we may now have a case of Snowden-fraud.

Also, respected MSNBC journalist reminds us about that nasty Republican Governor George Wallace.

Laughing helps me stay warm, but will it keep you cool?

mojo said...

Wait - there's a respected journalist at MSNBC?

When did that happen?

mojo said...

Extra question, (5 pts.):

Just how big a fuck-up do you have to be to end up working at MSNBC?

mojo said...

PS: Suggested musical accompaniment:

Zappa, Frank - "Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station"