Friday, July 3, 2020

Never fear, Paco World News Daily is here!

"Joe Biden told reporters on Wednesday he has taken a cognitive test, used to detect mental issues, but his campaign will not specify what exactly that means or if it will release the results of whatever test he took – if he actually took a test."

While it hasn't been determined whether Joe Biden really has taken a cognitive test or not, we do have a brain scan acquired by the enterprising investigative reporters of Paco World News Daily (PWND). This is Joe Biden's brain:

I guess the next step will be to give assailants medals

"Virginia Democrats are eager to declare open season on law enforcement by downgrading an assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor."

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Happy Feet Friday

Frank Sinatra sings “London by Night” (1951).

Bonus tune! Who knew? Frank Sinatra's second cousin, Ray Sinatra, was a well-known musician and bandleader (he's also the guy who talked Frank out of changing his last name to "Trent"...Trent?!?). Here he is with his orchestra performing “Boogie Upstairs”.

Another lovely sunset

As the sun was going down, I was poking around on a vacant lot, digging up some Arizona blanket flowers to plant in my yard. I think the lot is not buildable because it's too small, plus, it's right up against a golf cart path. But it's a fertile source of blanket flowers and black-eyed Susans, so I go a couple of times a year to harvest some.

Ok, so make Juneteenth a federal holiday

It's historically significant, an important milestone on the road to equality before the law. I get it. But why insult Christopher Columbus into the bargain? Why replace Columbus Day with a Juneteenth Day?Why not just add Juneteenth to the calendar of holidays?

And why is it that two Republicans are sponsoring this foolishness?
Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and James Lankford of Oklahoma are both Republican senators. Today they introduced legislation to abolish Columbus day. They wanted to delete it from the national calendar and replace it with Juneteenth.
Yes, that last was a rhetorical question. The Republican Party has become a pen full of pandering losers who think Democrat-Lite is smart strategy.

I'm telling you: it's sane Americans fighting against all flags, now.

"Come now, Monsieur Paqeau, you are overwrought. Join me in a glass of Vichy water and relax."


Stacy McCain: "The U.S. economy added nearly 5 million jobs last month, and perhaps would have added more if not for deranged Ivy League graduates losing their jobs because they threatened to stab people".

Big number

This ought to look great on Mayor Durkan's reelection brochures: "Seattle sees 525 percent spike in crime thanks to CHOP".

Or will Seattle voters even really care?