Monday, November 23, 2020

Classical corner

 The dramatic first movement of Aram Khachaturian's Second symphony ("The Bell").

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Reset this!

 Paul Joseph Watson tackles the Great Reset and the phony resistance.

Right on cue

The jackals of the Vichy-Right are circling the Democrats' "kill", looking for scraps: "Never Trumper Jonah Goldberg: Trump ‘Is Trying to Steal’ the Election".

If Trump hadn't accomplished anything but to smoke the establishment frauds out of the conservative woodwork, then his presidency would still have been a success.

Update  I can't remember who said it - George Orwell? Malcolm Muggeridge? - but the observation has always stuck with me: the distinguishing characteristic of the intelligentsia is its lack of intelligence.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Sunday funnies


This Dilbert cartoon really takes me back to those long, boring meetings which some idiot could always be counted on to prolong.

Norm Crosby and his felonious abuse of the English language.

This fellow - who's probably pretty lonely right about now - sings "Why Beer is Better than Women".

One more semester of tow truck driving school and I'll have my certificate! (H/T: David Thompson)

Alpha male parenting (H/T: Ditto).

Impromptu masks...

Humphrey Bogart: “I gave up drinking once – it was the worst afternoon of my entire life.“ (H/T: Seraphic Secret).

From Powerline's "The Week in Pictures".

Look! There in the sky!

Mrs. Paco came across a website that lets you find out when the international space station is visible in your locale. This may be old news to some or all of you, but, once again, being late to the party, I found it quite interesting. In fact, it passed over our house at around 5:30 pm today. Here's the link

The Great Stench

Dominion not only has something to hide, but now appears to have gone into hiding: "Dominion Voting Systems Execs Fail to Appear for Testimony; Office Shuttered, Websites and Social Media Erased".

Question: before he started bad-mouthing Trump attorney Sidney Powell, did Tucker Carlson ever invite anybody from Dominion to appear on his show for an interview? Did he ever invite any of the election officials in the swing states that simultaneously stopped counting votes in the wee hours of the morning? Has anybody, anywhere, been asked to explain how that business came about?

Update  Don Surber on "Cucker Tarlson" (H/T: Gregory, in the comments)