Friday, February 27, 2015


I’m happy to learn that charges have been dropped in the case of Gordon Van Gilder and the flintlock of mass destruction.

Mr. Netanyahu sends his regrets

The Israeli prime minister has declined an invitation to meet with Democrats privately.

Let the revolution spread

Nigel Farage of the UK's Independence Party has some words of wisdom for American conservatives at this year's CPAC conference:
“And if I can say one thing about American politics, an observation, and I accept that I’m a foreigner, I accept that I’m a guest, and I don’t want to meddle. But let me say this. If the Republican party is going to win the next presidential election, I think the Republican party needs to get the kind of people voting for it that were voting for it 30 years ago. Do you remember the Reagan Democrats? These were people who worked hard. These were people who were patriotic. These were people who aspired and wanted to get on. And I don’t think at the moment the Republican party is actually attracting those kind of people."
(Videos at the linked site).

Happy Feet Friday

Some mellow tones from the Nat King Cole Trio, with Shy Guy.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I really like this guy

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air, some great stuff from Senator Ted Cruz. A taste:
Cruz reminded everyone that Ronald Reagan didn’t lead a political revolution by worrying about positioning on a political spectrum to strategize how to fragment the electorate. He stood on principled conservatism unapologetically, drew a line in the sand, and attracted new voters and crossovers by drawing a sharp contrast. To paraphrase, if the choice is between two candidates who are almost indistinguishable, voters will choose their party’s nominee every time. Only by providing a real choice — and a commitment to stick to those principles — will Republicans win another presidential election.
Or, the GOP can just nominate plush RINO toy Jeb Bush and get whacked again.

Forget about Guantánamo

How about closing Homan Square, Chicago?

Has anybody questioned mayor Rahm Emanuel about Chicago’s version of the Lubyanka? I mean, how does an interrogation facility - where the violation of civil rights is a feature, not a bug - fit in with all the traditional liberal blather about police brutality and due process?

I have mixed feelings about this

The ruling class, and its bureaucratic army, that runs the federal government is a clear and present danger to America as we know it. So, would we be better off or worse off if they were all stoned? Discuss among yourselves.