Thursday, September 19, 2019

Happy Feet Friday

Trumpet man Fats Navarro was an important figure in the development of Bebop, and here he is with “Oo-Bop Sh'Bam” (1946).

Bonus tune! A short, clever piece by Dave Brubeck called “Unsquare Dance”.


Good, because no other Republican with presidential aspirations was or is willing, as far as I can tell: "Donald Trump is waging a nonstop, all-encompassing war against progressive culture, in magnitude analogous to what 19th-century Germans once called a Kulturkampf."

Corey Lewandowski is, according to some accounts I've read, an obnoxious jerk; therefore, he was the perfect irritant for a congressional committee full of obnoxious jerks: "Lewandowski’s Contempt for a Contemptible Congress".

David Burge explains an important difference between a Cubs fan and a socialist.

Sad: "Colt to Cease AR-15 Production for the Civilian Market". Not really surprising. Colt has been in and out of bankruptcy over the last 20 years, and there's a tremendous amount of competition in the black rifle market. I wish the company would do more production runs of its single-action revolvers - at least, it looks like Colt will be stepping up production of its Cobra series of double-action revolvers.

Harsh but fair:

I find the NeverTrumpistas contemptible, not because they were gullible, but because they wanted so badly to believe it was all true.

The self-induced hysteria of NeverTrump

Looks like Joe Biden may well pick up the all-important Evan McMullin endorsement:
Some Republican operatives active in Never Trump circles are discussing the timing and what form support for Biden might take. Groups such as Stand Up Republic, co-founded by prominent Never Trump Republicans Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn, could target disaffected GOP voters in key micro-battlegrounds with finely tailored advertising in a bid to boost Biden in the Democratic primary.
Who he? He's the clunk some NeverTrumpers were pushing as an alternative to Trump back during the 2016 election. Turned out to be just another self-serving grifter (of which there is no shortage).

The NeverTrumpistas have pretty much painted themselves into a corner. Opposition to Trump is more important to them than traditional conservative principles, a strong economy, and a vigorous foreign policy that puts America first, so now they're hamstrung by their commitment to a stiff-necked, yet false, sense of honor - which stance has hilariously placed them in the bleachers cheering on the absurd (and still leftist) Democratic candidate, Slow Joe Biden.

I think these folks aren't smart enough to learn to code; perhaps, with rigorous training and lots of practice, they might become barely competent kitchen help at a Waffle House.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Truly fatuous and absurd individual

I'm probably as vain as most people, but I like to think I'm not a flat-out narcissist. I guess that's why I have trouble understanding public figures like James Comey. If I had the kind of narrow escapes from justice that he has experienced (and he's not out of the woods yet), I'd hunker down, stay out of the public eye, maybe take up residence in a double-wide trailer in the foothills of the Dragoon Mountains, possibly go completely off the grid. In short, I'd want to be forgotten. But this clown is out there on Twitter everyday trying to justify himself, still attacking the president he conspired against, hoping (and, apparently, convinced, so delusional is he) that his reputation will miraculously be restored.

Amazing what a little sunlight can accomplish

Former prosecutor George Parry has written a fascinating article on "graymail", and how it might work to Michael Flynn's advantage.

By the way, it looks like Flynn's new lawyer, Sidney Powell, is head and shoulders above his last team of shysters. Just imagine this:
Although he has pled guilty to a flimsy and corruptly contrived charge of lying to the FBI, that plea came about after he had — according to media reports — bankrupted himself by paying $4 million in legal fees to the Washington law firm that represented him prior to Powell. In short, it appears that Flynn pled guilty because he couldn’t afford any more justice.
So,the situation eventually boiled down to "the law firm’s impressive professional achievement of turning a mere guilty plea proceeding into a reported $4 million payday".

This is one of those crimes - the treatment of Flynn by the government and his own attorneys - calling out to heaven for vengeance.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Nice goin', Governor

It looks like Gavin Newsome has made California a whole lot safer: "Gov. Newsom Commutes Sentences of 21 Violent Criminals Incarcerated in CA Prisons – Including 4 Murderers with Life Sentences".

Read the whole thing. I didn't know that Kimberly Guilfoyle is the ex Mrs. Newsom. Also, check out Newsom's photo at the article. I swear, he looks like a victim of demonic possession. Somebody ought to throw some holy water on him, see if he blisters.

Spiny Norman, in the comments:
Our Glorious Leaders in San Francisco / Sacramento are now openly contemplating ignoring Federal law (immigration, automobile emissions)and any SCOTUS rulings against them. Flat-out refusing to acknowledge the Federal government's "legitimacy".
Wow. California evolved into the old confederacy so fast it makes my head spin.

Maybe he should just throw in the towel and offer halal pork chops

"Aussie Butcher Refuses to Remove ‘Not Halal’ Sign".