Wednesday, April 24, 2024

So much for sarcasm

I led off my "Assortment" post yesterday with this line: "Have Paul Ryan and Mike Johnson ever been seen in the same room together?"

Today, I see this: "Paul Ryan Praises Speaker Johnson for Allowing Democrats to Seize House".

Now I know how they feel over at the Babylon Bee.

Ever since they halted the practice of deplaning directly onto the tarmac...

...deaths from alligators have dropped substantially.

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Good new word


Working-with-your-hands Wednesday


Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Have Paul Ryan and Mike Johnson ever been seen in the same room together? "Mike Johnson to Campaign for Tony Gonzales, Pro-Ukraine Jim Jordan Opponent Who Called GOP Border Security Plan ‘Unchristian’". 

Seriously, I am inching closer and closer to "let it burn". What the hell point is there in voting for Republicans who turn out to be more interested in hanging with the uni-party cool kids than in actually furthering the interests of their base? 

The Bank of America  needs to drop the last part of its name: "Major Banks Debanking Christians".

checklist of societal destruction.

Hillary "Dead Pool" Clinton has loads of gall, anger, hatred and belligerence; however, she definitely lacks a sense of irony: "Hillary claims Trump wants to kill his opposition".

Florida Governor DeSantis is trying to exercise common sense....What, is he crazy?!? "Florida Governor DeSantis: Satanists Can’t be Part of School Chaplain Program 'We’re Not Playing Those Games in Florida'". I really like this guy.

Anti-Semitism masked as "concern": Professor Shai Davidai, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School, was reportedly denied access to the main campus on Friday as his school ID was “deactivated” during the recent protests over the Israeli-Gaza conflict.


Evolutionary quandary


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