Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Careless, corrupt or both... no longer matters to me. The FBI cannot be trusted: "FBI sued after allegedly losing hundreds of thousands in rare coins during raid".

"Hi, Chief. I'm still here casing Paco's place. It's been three days, now, and I haven't...what? This isn't his home? It's his grandmother's property? And it's been abandoned for years? But Ray Epps said...Ok, ok, don't bite my head off. I'll pack it in and head back to HQ."

Working -with-your-hands Wednesday


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Better be extra careful about not discarding an empty bottle in the creek

"Biden’s EPA Has Spent Millions on Military Grade Equipment. A GOP Senator Wants to Know Why."

The climate agency’s spending spree on guns, ammunition, and advanced tactical equipment is the subject of an oversight probe helmed by Grassley, who described the EPA’s militarization as "frightening." The congressional investigation comes just months after a watchdog group found that non-law enforcement agencies in the federal government, such as the EPA and Internal Revenue Service, have spent nearly $4 billion in taxpayer funds since 2006 stockpiling all manner of guns, ammunition, and "military-style equipment."

When the final clamp-down comes, the government will be able to say that it didn't use the military in a domestic scenario; the feds will have had at their disposal, instead, a bunch of paramilitary units.

"No, we're not the army. We're from the Department of Education. We just want to make sure that those obviously insurrectionist parents there on the front row don't get rowdy at the School Board meeting tonight."

But, by all means, let all of those drug dealers and sex-traffickers and rapists and economic spongers from Latin America come right on in and make themselves comfortable

"Biden Regime Gives Christian Family That Fled Germany 15 Years Ago Four Weeks to ‘Self-Deport’".

Can't have their sort infesting the good ol' US of A. 

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