Thursday, January 20, 2022

Happy Feet Friday

Rufus “Mr. Swing” Thomas sings “Gonna Bring My Baby Back”, with an admirable assist from Bobby Plater's orchestra (note the unmistakable chords of Milt Buckner on piano). From 1950. 


Does the federal government , or any private entity, actually track flu deaths, breaking them down between the vaccinated and unvaccinated?  Because I'm thinking that if the Goebbels media tracked down flu deaths among people who did not get flu shots, and made a point of writing stories about these people every freakin' day - and, by the way, ignoring flu deaths among people who had received flu shots - they could make the same case for locking up this class of unvaccinated, too. 

But they don't, for some reason. Not that their advocacy for treating people who had opted not to get flu shots as pariahs would have any more legitimacy than the same argument applied to those refusing to get COVID shots, but why create a climate of fear over one and not the other? Is the flu just too much of an "institution", something people are too familiar with to worry about?

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

We know about George Soros and his pet politicians

Now, let's take a look at some of his pet generals.

So, we've got wanna-be military dictators champing at the bit to go after normal people slandered as domestic terrorists, and close to half of all Democrats wanting to lock the unvaccinated up. Maybe the two groups are planning some kind of pincer movement. 

This spells one thing for me...

Working-with-your-hands Wednesday


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Weighed and found wanting

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R? - Texas) continues to disappoint. Dig this:

“The important thing is that we have societal hero archetypes that we look up to. Jesus is a hero archetype, Superman is a hero archetype. Real characters too, you know, I put, I could name a thousand..."

So, Jesus is a member of the Justice League? That's a new one. 

He completely blew his credibility with me when he issued his effusive praise of Liz Cheney.  I think this guy is a wanna-be establishment time-server - the last thing the GOP needs right now (or ever again).

Update  Gregory in the comments: "From Lt Commander to Major Disappointment."

Come and git it!

Friend and commenter Stephen Skebinna* mentioned a fellow by the name of Cowboy Kent Rollins, whom I had not heard of. He's a genuine chuck-wagon cook with a bunch of videos on line, and the meals he prepares are simple, but they look mighty delicious. Here's a profile of Kent and his vocation.

Update  Make that "Skubinna". Correction H/T to the sharp-eyed Veeshir.

LOL! I originally doublechecked the spelling to make sure I had enough n's, and then wound up using the wrong vowel. Sorry, Stephen! 

Sorry, donks

But, just as with the computer, rebooting doesn't always solve the problem: "White House Pursuing Joe Biden Communications Reboot as Polls Collapse".

Friend and commenter Deborah recently wondered out loud if Joey Flan Brain was animatronic. Personally, I don't think so; our technology is a whole lot better than that. But that might be the way to go with a do-over of Joe Biden. Just turn the whole White House into a sort of Chuck E. Cheese environment, with politi-bots, including, most importantly, one of Joe Biden. He could be programmed to speak in complete sentences, you wouldn't have to worry about him pooping in his pants, and the hair-sniffing thing could be avoided. 

By the way, this is pretty rich:

Advisers expressed the need for Biden to “talk to more people directly,” instead of “one-dimensional” speeches from the White House, the report revealed, citing “his greatest political strength” as “empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans.”

The assertion that this clown's greatest political strength is "empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans” is one of the most transparent attempts at fraud I've witnessed in a long time. His quick temper, loud-mothed belligerence, and insufferable bragging have become legendary (remember, "Look, fat!" and his invitation to a blue collar worker to step outside?).