Sunday, July 23, 2017

Poster philosophy

I'm going through all the images saved on my computer in an attempt to thin them out, and found some posters that offer some interesting observations. I may have posted some or all of them before, but I figured I'd put up a few that are worth a second look.

I think Trump possesses this basic instinct...

Remember that a "free lunch" always comes with strings attached...

Let's never forget how we dodged a bullet...

A special note to self-important snowflakes...


Well, that's one way

A man in British Columbia was attacked by a young grizzly bear and achieved good results by bopping him on the old beezer (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

It only seems fair

If Justin Trudeau can shower ten million dollars on a freed terrorist, we ought to be able to raise at least a million for the children of one of his victims. See this link to learn about providing assistance to the family of Sgt. Chris Speer (thanks to Captain Heinrichs for the link).

Be the first kid on your block... own an RV with a helicopter:

Sunday funnies

Good thing she didn't just toss them in the dumpster: "New librarian finds live Civil War-era shells in her office" (H/T: Mrs. Paco)

If you're a fugitive, here's a tip: if you find yourself stranded along the road, don't flag down a deputy sheriff (also courtesy of Mrs. Paco).

Trimming the hedge, expert level:

Decisions, decisions (from Powerline's "The Week in Pictures"):

So, two "tough" guys walk into a bar in Alaska...

Kid must have pretty strict parents: "Boy runs off to Switzerland over 'bad' mark on his school report".

But how?...Never mind. Spray tan fail:

Friday, July 21, 2017

Well, Bill, have you ever considered the possibility...

...that the climate alarmists might die out first?

Happy Feet Friday

One of my favorite singers from the 1940s, Ella Mae Morse, performs "Buzz Me".