Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


First, the deer and the rabbits help themselves to the Paco All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, wolfing down my Mexican petunias and my green beans, and this weekend I saw a turtle moving at speed (for a turtle) from among the new mum plantings, which I strongly suspect he pigged out on.

Introducing Seabiscuit, the official turtle of Paco Enterprises. 

He (or she, as the case may be) is a sizable fellow; the shell measured about 8 inches long. I'm not sure what kind it is. We're not up against a pond or creek, so maybe it's a tortoise of some kind. Notice the olive drab, probably military spec, carapace.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Wait, this can't be

I thought stone-cold professional and all-around straight arrow FBI Director Christopher Wray said he didn't have any evidence of significant voter fraud.

A Biden Campaign operative in Texas is attempting to rig the 2020 election with the help of others in a massive ballot harvesting scheme, according to two private investigators who testified under oath that they have “video evidence, documentation and witnesses” to prove it. With the help of mass mail-in ballots, the illegal ballot harvesting operation could harvest 700,000 ballots, one Harris County Democrat operative allegedly bragged.

Hmm. Maybe Wray should be fired before the election. 

It's like I always say

 Animals know.

Reporters for CBS News and other outlets were sent scrambling Monday morning after an aggressive raccoon began attacking news crews outside the White House.

Update  Veeshir, in the comments: "Raccoons are attracted to trash after all."

Short cynical rant

Do you suppose John Durham suddenly expanded his investigation to include the Clinton Foundation in order to justify not releasing a report until after the election? And do you suppose that, after the election, we're going to get the same old "no evidence of a crime" b.s.? It's difficult to see how a two-year investigation into something as big as a coup attempt hasn't generated more then one indictment (and that one on relatively minor charges). Next, I suppose Durham will decide that he needs to take a hard look at the Missouri Compromise or the accounting for the construction of the Panama Canal.

Seriously, I may just secede all by myself. Pacovia will need a flag and a national anthem, so I'd better get cracking.


Sometimes it gallops, sometimes it creeps: Berkeley becomes 1st city to ban junk food at grocery store checkouts.

How does a city government - or any other government - presume to have the right to do things like this? Keep it up, citizens of Berkeley, keep putting these meddlesome, officious little Kommissars on your city council. One of these days, you're going to vote yourselves straight into a concentration camp.