Friday, June 6, 2008

Arch-Criminal and Infidel Mark Steyn on Canadian TV

The eloquent and witty Mark Steyn is interviewed on Canadian television.

Steyn is unquestionably one of the leading lights of the liberal democratic tradition, and he is now fighting, not only for himself, but for everyone who values freedom of speech and freedom of conscience (not to mention the more mundane right to quote Muslims when they incite mayhem). I suspect, before he is done, that Blind Justice will start beating the judges over the head with her scales, for ever presuming to preside over such a farce in the first place.

(Courtesy of the ever-vigilant Captain Heinrichs: the eyes and ears of Paco Enterprises in Canada).


RebeccaH said...

Oh Lordy! If it's a crime to criticize unfunny sitcoms now, I'll be behind bars before I know it.

Wimpy Canadian said...

opcdrAs a Wimpy Canadian, you can imagine how angry I am about all this.

At the risk of having PACO Enterprises taken out and shot by the Canadian Human Rights Commissions (there are 11, one for each province and one federal), I put forward the proposition that the xHRCs should be taken out and shot.

carpefraise said...

Amazing how in every generation there are people so ready willing and able to show how dictatorial and stupid they can be (BCHRC,CIC et al).

What a horrible way to make history.

Say, do you think Steyn will get a cameo on LMotP from this huha?

Crossie said...

The Canadian HRC illustrates how the road to hell is paved by good intentions. When it came into being it was well meant but did not keep up with the spirit of its origin.