Monday, June 23, 2008

Are You a Connoisseur of Tequila?

Captain Heinrichs and I suspect not.


mojo said...

Don Julio Anjeo - trust me.

the_real_jeffs said...

Not since I got blasted on the stuff one night at the Fort Belvoir Officer's Club. Musta been a cheap brand.


Hucbald said...

Tequila. Pshaw. Herradura anejo is killer, as are the other grades, but for us REAL west Texas desert dwellers, Sotol is the real deal.

Most people outside of this area have never even heard of sotol, but it's a relative of agave.

RebeccaH said...

Never cared for tequila (back when I was young and stupid and tried nearly everything alcoholic). Maybe because I and my crowd were all young and stupid and couldn't afford the good stuff, and wouldn't have known the difference anyway.

The thing in the article that struck me was the blue agave. My favorite aunt had a full-grown blue agave plant outside her house (Abilene, Texas, in case you're wondering, and it was as tall as the house). They are otherwise known as "century plants" because they supposedly only bloom once a century and then they die (that's the folklore, anyway). It bloomed while she and her family were away, and then it died, and my aunt mourned it because she missed the blooming, and it had been there since before she was born (it was her mother's house).

Anonymous said...

Tequila. Guaranteed the cause of my worse ever hangover. So bad that the bunch of us looked at each other late the following afternoon and said 'why do we feel this way?' We were so spaced out still from the previous night's tequila hit out that we still hadn't registered why we were feeling so bad.

And you've all heard this. Why did the Mexican throw his wife off the cliff?