Monday, June 2, 2008


1) Confederate Yankee has the best take on Obama’s frenzied casting of former allies under the bus.

2) What? Bay waters light to a moderate chop? I’m ruined! “Investing” in the weather (how Paco Financial Services missed this one is beyond me; look soon for the ad seeking a new product development VP).

3) Retired Air Force General McPeak thinks McCain is weak on national security; backs…Obama?!?

4) I will be posting an original short story this week, probably in three installments. It’s out there making the rounds of various competitions and, to the disgrace of the current state of modern literature, has actually made the first cut in one of them. In the interests of full disclosure, I should also point out that it has been rejected by wiser, more tasteful judges (for whom my comic tale falls woefully short of the self-consciously melancholy little psycho-dramas that seem to make up the bulk of short-story writing these days).


the_real_jeffs said...

I had to refresh myself on McPeak; he's not the sharpest bayonet around, I have to say. He made a lot of changes in the Air Force, the silliest of which was the dress uniform (which was changed soon after he retired).

But the biggest change was the elimination of any fixed wing aircraft that either didn't move a lot of cargo, or flew less than 500 MPH. Notably, the A-10 "Warthog", just about the most perfect ground support aircraft ever invented. At least, looking from the ground. He wanted to dump it, or give it to the Army. And, IIRC, he was instrumental in shutting down the SR-71 as well.

Add in his anti-Israeli stance (or pro-Arab, if you like), and I don't think I can take him all that seriously.

the_real_jeffs said...

Whoops! Minor correction, the A-10 is still around, in spite of McPeak.

Thank goodness!

Paco said...

RJ: I could probably have forgiven him most things. But attempting to dump the Warthog? Nah. That's just beyond the pale.

tizona said...

A-10 Warthog Thunderbolt II

Ain't she a beauty?

I rolled into Myrtle Beach, SC in another life. Just as I approached the city limits, There be a stoplight.

Off to my left WAS (no longer Myrtle Beach AFB) NOW, Myrtle Beach International Airport...MB AFB off to the left.

While stopped (at the light) one of these new fangled lovelies, coming in from the Atlantic Ocean at tree top level (Palm trees ain't that tall) landing at the base.

As soon as I could, I disposed of my soiled undergarment.

I loved it, right after my change in gear.

stackja1945 said...

McPeak supports Obama. To me it seems McPeak must be nuts. TRF shows he is.
With D-Day anniversary approaching, I think the "Warthog", would have been useful then.

Paco said...

Great video link, El Cid!

SwampWoman said...

He...prefers OBAMA? Well, then, I'll file him under girly men for Obama.

SwampWoman said...

Hmmmm. I pretty much file all male Obama supporters under girly men.

Female Obama supporters I file under moron.

RebeccaH said...

Who's McPeak?

I'm looking forward to the Paco story myself.

(Agree about modern short story writing in the mainstream --- that's why I love your stories so much).

Paco said...

Thanks, Rebecca. Here's a teaser: the action is set in New York in 1939, and involves a hapless, soft-hearted junior member of Murder, Inc. who, to put it mildly, really screws up. I've borrowed one of my minor characters (Tiny Weismann) for the role, sent him back in time, and changed him from a bookie to the most incompetent mobster in history.

Minicapt said...

Re teaser:good thing I'm too lazy to post the original ...

Mcpeak: "McPeak later openly campaigned for Howard Dean",
"Much of his tenure focused on elevating the status of the fighter pilot, frequently at the expense of other flying and non-flying career fields." via Wiki, which in this case is quite accurate.