Saturday, June 28, 2008

Does Anybody Think He Won't?

Bill Clinton dictates the terms of his support.


Minicapt said...

From yesterday's Theo:


RebeccaH said...

Bill's not mad because of the way Hillary was treated. He's mad because he's not going to get back in the White House.

Paco said...

Rebecca: You betcha! Bill just can't stand the idea of having to wear a visitor's tag to get into the White House from now on.

the_real_jeffs said...

Not surprising, IMHO. Bubba was counting on getting back into the White House, and not just for a new selection of female interns.

I forget who wrote the analysis, but some blogger opined that Billy Jeff was desperate for a Hillary win because he felt he lacked a genuine history making presidency, 1992-2000. Somehow, with Hillary as Prez, Billy Jeff felt he had another chance to do that.

This level of rage would be consistent with that desire, especially if you mix in Bubba's narcissism.