Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blacklists Are Just a Conservative Thing, Right?

Ed Driscoll has been keeping tabs on the new McCarthyism (or maybe we should call it Wellsianism). Be sure to hit Ed’s links.


the_real_jeffs said...

That's a chilling vision of things to come if Obama wins the White House. The McCarthy Madness, all over again. Except that it'll be for a Good Cause™. It always is, with the socialists, Marxists, commies, etc.

the_real_jeffs said...

PS: Before I forget....Just to show you where the leftie mindset remains....

I'm in Little Beirut, Oregon (aka Portland) for a course. I'm staying in a hotel, and taking the train to the downtown (where the course is being offered).

The train system here is pretty nice*, and heavily used. Coming back to the room tonight, this woman (35-40 years old) gets on board at one stop, with a clipboard, and a Purpose in her step.

Once the train starts moving, she starts to call out "Registered voters! I need registered voters in Oregon! Any registered voters? We're trying to find 40,000 signatures to get the Peace Party on the November referendum!"

Most people ignored her (I considered raising my hand, and giving a false address, but decided not to), but she got at least one signature...and met another petition gatherer on the same train.

But I did listen to her yak while she stayed in range. Some of her comments were....well, judge for yourself:

"I love my job! I get to meet all sorts of interesting people!"

Ummmm.....a professional petition pusher? I know they exist, but I loathe them. One would think she did it for free, to support the cause. I have. Clearly, the spirit of the citizen lacks within the Oregon Peace Party. Or it's their version of welfare.

"We work with the socialist party."

No comment. None is needed.

"Power to the People!"

Yes, she actually said that. I had to bite my tongue to restrain my laughter.

Some dude came back to that with a "Hey, they ought to bring back Woodstock!" Her response:

"You know, they really should!"

She moved on thereafter. But those were the intellectual highlights.

*: I wonder how it's paid for (/sarcasm) -- there are signs and brochures everywhere saying rides cost. But the ticket machines don't work, and no one ever checks for tickets. Go figure.

Paco said...

RJ: I feel your pain, brother. I've ridden on the Washington metro more than one time when I've been cooped up near people trumpeting their ignorance on a variety of subjects (when I was commuting on AmTrak from Richmond, it wasn't so bad; I wore gun mufflers).

the_real_jeffs said...

Yeah, I wish I had my Bose noise reduction headphones on then, listening to some soothing tunes. I'd make sure she saw that I was listening to George C. Scott's opening dialog in "Patton".


Minicapt said...

You need some of this: