Sunday, July 27, 2008


Obama, before a large crowd in Berlin: "And you know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life."

The crowd gasped as a big man, wearing the dirty uniform of an American soldier, walked across the stage, drew his bayonet from its sheath and, quick as a flash, reached inside Obama's jacket and cut his suspenders; the Senator's slacks subsequently fell down around his ankles. The big man glared at the Democratic candidate through hooded eyes. "Let me tell you something, Junior. We were in Berlin in 1945 as gatecrasher's at Mr. A. Hitler's genocide party. This is where we put a stop to Nazi aggression. A couple hundred thousand allied troops stopped along the way to be buried. Just thought you might need reminding." Mitchum sheathed his bayonet, waved down a jeep, climbed aboard, and sped off through the crowd.


RebeccaH said...

Oh, if only!

I've known for a long time I wasn't going to vote for Obama, but now I'm starting to really, really dislike him.

kc said...

Agreed, Rebecca - he's not just a Socialist, he's also an uneducated fool. What's the old phrase my dad used...oh yeah - educated far beyond his intelligence. He's not just wrong, he's stupid...and too stubborn, self-centered, & self-satisfied to go any other way.

Anonymous said...

Obama has degrees from well-known schools but seems to have been absent from the courses on history and coherent thought.

There may be few living WWII vets now for Obama to offend with his twisted history, but there are alot of their children who know how much he's getting wrong - and those kids vote.

He may have a bump in the polls from his world tour, but I'm thinking he won't see it in actual votes come the day that matters.


the_real_jeffs said...

If American academia were honest, they would revoke Obama's degrees, Retread. It is clear that he didn't earn them.

mojo said...

"There are only two kinds of people on this beach; the dead and those about to die. So lets get the hell out'a here."

-- Colonel George Taylor, Commander of the 16th. Infantry - Omaha beach, 6 June 1944

Mrs. Darling said...

I almost cant stand to hear his name anymore. I am sooo tired of the medias love affair of him!

I guess Im kinda stupid cause I dont entirely get this joke. *ducking out*

Paco said...

Mrs. Darling: If by "not getting the joke" you mean my employment of the late Bob Mitchum, it's just part of my schtick. "WWBD?" - "i.e., "What Would Bob Do?" - is a playful adaptation of "WWJD?" ("What Would Jesus Do?"), an abbreviation that I think has been embraced by many Christians to jog one's moral reflections when presented with an occasion of possible sin. I thought it would be interesting to create situations when the "man's man" represented by Mitchum's movie characters encounter a post-modern wuss like Obama.

Marbel said...

This is classic!