Friday, August 29, 2008


1) A war-time letter delivered 64 years late (via friend and commenter, KC).

2) American Thinker has several good talking points for Sarah Palin. And Beldar has some detailed background on the non-scandal of the state trooper.

3) Mrs. Paco snapped a picture today of what appears to be a demon squirrel, sitting in the top of our mammoth sunflower, eating the seeds (click in order to appreciate the magnitude of the evil).

4) With respect to Sarah Palin: WWBD?

5) Iowahawk plays Homer (and I don't mean Simpson).


bruce said...

Demon squirrels! There here! Just as Mayurapalambanathana Nayit Shyamalan said!

missred said...

great film..river of no return

the_real_jeffs said...

WWBD? He'd smack Obama for being a clueless jerk associated with clueless idiots, that's what.

TW: wisiwx. Obama's mystical adviser from the 5th dimension.

RebeccaH said...

Loved the article about the WWII letter. I have a whole box of letters my father wrote to my mother from Italy, circa 1943-44. I've never read them, but now I think I must, before I send them on to the Smithsonian.

I wish I could comment at Iowahawk's. That Idiossey was classic!