Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Feet Friday

Benny Goodman made the most joyful noise of all the clarinet players of the Swing Era, but when it came to purity of tone and perfection of pitch, Artie Shaw was the man to beat. Here he is with his orchestra, from the 1940 film, Second Chorus, playing “Concerto for Clarinet (there’s some fine trumpet work, too):

AND, because Saint has expressed a high regard for the Happy Feet Friday swingfests, and to mark the fifth anniversary of Dog Fight at Bankstown, here's a bonus: Glenn Miller and his orchestra playing the biggest hit of the Swing Era, "In the Mood".


Minicapt said...

Fewer sticks, more 'bones.


saint said...

Gosh if you are going to honour me like this, I'm going to declare every day my blog day.

Many thanks Paco.

kc said...

Paco knows a deserving blogger when he sees one, saint. And when he's inspired, we all win!