Sunday, September 28, 2008

Divine Intervention

Secretary of the Treasury Paulson went down on one knee before Nancy Pelosi and begged her for a deal, to which Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to have joked, “I didn’t know you were Catholic.”

Even funnier, I didn't know Pelosi was Jesus (I thought Obama was Jesus).

Update: Ted Nugent has some good advice.

Update II: Courtesy of an anonymous commenter, and pertaining to the earlier post linking a story about Missouri law enforcement officials' threat to abridge freedom of speech -

Come an' get me, coppers!


Wimpy Canadian said...

Cor, bluddy 'ell! Wo' t' fink?

I smell money grubbing hands dishing into the US taxpayer's pocket. This scam is akin to the global warming scam, but much more successful. The scare is greater (market meltdown rather than glacier meltdown) and more immediate (now rather than in 100 years). This scam is actually happening, and so fast no one has time to figure out what's going on ... until it's too late.

The US taxpayer is being raped.

And will it stop at one trillion,. even?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pelosi thinks she's the Virgin Mary.

And to think, Wimpy, we didn't even get kissed!