Friday, September 19, 2008

VP or not VP

Rumors continue to circulate that Joe Biden may withdraw as the Democratic VP nominee in favor of Hillary after the vice presidential debate on October 2nd, due to “health reasons”. I think this is unlikely, but stranger things have happened in politics. I therefore invite readers to cast their vote for the most likely health concern that will be floated as the cause for Biden’s withdrawal.

What health reason will be used to justify Biden's withdrawal
Hair-plug root-rot
Athlete's foot in the mouth
Loss of miracle healing powers free polls

Big, fat unrelated update: Now, here's a guy who ought to step down.


Larry said...

As some have pointed out--ballots are closed. Some are printed. Computers have been programmed. We might be past the deadline for "authorized writeins".

Absentee ballots may have been shipped.

What good would such a swap do know?

How likely is it that what I think is a dicey situation due to fraud, insecure machines, broken software, confused and confusing procedures, and random chaos will China syndrome on us without enough to even finish the Electoral College steps?

Wimpy Canadian said...

[strike]It would be a mistake, an admission of failure by the Ubermessiah.[/strike]

I think it's a great idea.

Hucbald said...

I'm sorry, but asking the paralyzed senator to stand was one of the funniest political gaffes I've ever seen. Can't believe I'm the only vote for that so far.

Paco said...

Hucbald: I have to agree with you that that was a Golden Gaffe. The look on Biden's face when he realized that the guy was in a wheelchair was priceless.

Larry said...

"gaffes" are funny and entertaining, if you are not the victim.

Scoring them as if they menat something is a fools game.