Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's Good for Cook County is Good for America

David Freddoso shows how Obama does, indeed, play according to Chicago Rules.

"That's m'boy!"

Update: Uh-oh. A rift between Obama and Joe "Two-Gun" Biden?


the_real_jeffs said...

I worked in Chicago for 5 years, down in The Loop, commuting in from the suburbs every day. I could not wait to get the aitch-e-double-toothpicks out of there, and the flagrant corruption was foremost amongst my many reasons. The feeding frenzy after Mayor Washington died is but one example, although it stands out as one of the stark reasons.

So when I heard Obama grew up in Chicago politics, that was two strikes against him, right off the bat.

Anonymous said...

The McCain camp. hits hard on the Chicago angle. Paco readers, obviously.