Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wow! I Wonder Why Rembrandt Never Thought of That

Dogfight at Bankstown links to a photo of what passes for art these days (personally, I think it's a waste of good barbecue).

Update: Sorry, linked to the wrong site; it's fixed now.


Mikael said...

Didn't see much art there, but than again I must confess I got somewhat distracted by the Victoria's Secrets story on at the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

You have to go to Dogfight to see the picture, a pig getting tattooed. I expect the animal rights crowd to all over this any second.

I wonder if this involves tax dollars, after all they claim it's art.

TW: pigralli. Hah!

RebeccaH said...

It's bad enough when you buy bacon with that horrible blue ink FDA stamp thing on it, but if I start seeing tattoos, I'm suing somebody.

elcampeador said...

Wow! I Wonder Why Rembrandt Never Thought of That

He was an Islamist!?

SwampWoman said...

Woohoooo! Now, if I can just get somebody that can tattoo a good Obama on one ham and his wife on the other.....

Then we could do Nancy Pelosi on one hog butt and Harry Reid on t'other.