Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do Youse Swear to Tell Da Trute...

David Plouffe: What’s dat ya got dere, Mr. Axelrod?

David Axelrod: Why, moicy, me, Mr. Plouffe, da feds have went and gave me a subpoena 'cuz dey want I should testify about Blagojevich.

Plouffe: I am sure youse will do your doody, Mr. Axelrod.

Axelrod: Natch. As a guy once said, “Honesty is one a’ da better policies.”

Plouffe: So youse will tell da trute, da whole trute, and nuttin’ but da trute, right Mr. Axelrod?

Axelrod: Yeh, absolootely, Mr. Plouffe. And de trute is I don’t know from nuttin’ about Blagojevich. I mighta talked to him maybe one time, tops, on da telephone – ya know, about da Cubs or sump’n – but I was as shocked as everybody else to find out dat da mug was tryin’ tuh shake down all his frien’s for dough, tryin’ to sell a senate seat. Can youse imagine such a ting?

Plouffe: Dat sure is a revoltin’ development, Mr. Axelrod, but I’m sure every ting will be totally jake. Ya jus’ tell da trute – like yez always do.

Axelrod: I will do dat, Mr. Plouffe; I will tell ‘em all dat I know. Which is nuttin’, see?


JeffS said...

The image of Axelrod as a gangster is much more appropriate than that of Sergeant Schultz saying "Nothing! I see nothing!"

yojimbo said...

That's my impression as well JeffS. There is nothing cutsy about this guy. He is a ruthless partisan thug.

JeffS said...

Yep, yojimbo. I expect that even the future Obama Pet™ will be anything but cute. Perhaps Bubba will select the poor creature.....

BTW, Paco, VDH has a rather astute assessment of the coming Obama backlash. With a h/t to Hot Air, I must note.