Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paco Enterprises Hits the Big Time (Briefly, At Least)

Val Prieto, founder of the superb Babalu blog, did me the honor of asking me to compose a few diary entries for Fidel Castro, along the lines of what I had done with Che's Bolivian diaries. Here are the Castro entries.

And if you haven't been to Babalu before, spend some time there. If you're not reading Babalu - and the other blogs listed on the sidebar - you really don't know what's going on in Cuba (and you're missing a lot of what's going on everywhere else).


Boy on a bike said...

You know what? Even if it wasn't true, which I am willing to accept, it is still the kind of stupid thing that the MSM is likely to say, which is why it is so believable.

The left has spent the last umpteen years believing in the plastic turkey, because to them, it sounds like it must be the sort of thing they think GWB would do, so it must be true. What did they used to say - "it's the meme"? or something about "context"?

As for "step down", to me it sounded like Moses "stepping down" with the tablets and the 15 commandments.

Oops, dropped a tablet. Make that 10 commandments.

Anonymous said...

More recognition for Paco. Congrats. It's another worthy cause. Mehaul.

RebeccaH said...

Excellent reportage, Paco!