Friday, March 13, 2009


1) It’s bad enough that she’s probably one of the most obnoxious and ignorant members of Congress; so I guess the corruption is just the icing on the cake.

2) Jules Crittenden sees an opportunity for Republicans.

3) Spot the Dog at Tizona salutes The Cowboy Way.

4) Screaming Lunatic has a choice quote from the great P.J. O’Rourke.

5) Some rich, red meat, hot off the grill, from No Sheeples Here! (H/T: Right Wing Nation).

6) John at Powerline explains why exploiting a crisis is kind of like grabbing a tiger by the tail.

7) A floor-sweeping doff of my cavalier’s hat to Robert McCain for linking my previous post on Chris Matthews. I’m pretty sure that’s how Michelle Malkin must have found it.

8) I don’t know much about art, but I know what stinks. For example, check out the Bad Paintings of Barack Obama web site (H/T: Moonbattery). Here’s my personal “favorite”:

Smurf and Change!

Update: By the way, I should have a new installment of "Che's Bolivian Diaries - The Lost Episodes" ready early next week, so stay tuned!


Old Tanker said...

As I mentioned elsewhere, the prolific words of Fred Sanford come to mind.

"Ester, I could shove your face in dough and make gorilla cookies"

Anonymous said...

Re that painting of The Won, have you noticed in lots of photos his lips are blue? Yeah, it's a slow Friday night here.


Paco said...

O/T: Haw!

spot_the_dog said...

"Ester, I could shove your face in dough and make gorilla cookies"

"Gorilla cookies"?


[/hypersensitive moonbat]

Old Tanker said...

Spot, I was quoting Fred Sanford speaking about Aunt Ester.....just sayin' cuz I'm down with Fred....

Old Tanker said...

Does this look like Maxine talking to banking executives at the last banking and finance commitee meeting??

sorry, not sure how to put a link in Blogger.....

Paco said...

O/T: Permit me.

Old Tanker said...

Thank you Paco......tell me Maxine Waters isn't the reincarnation of LaWanda Page!!!

Minicapt said...

Okay, "Maxine Waters isn't the reincarnation of LaWanda Page".