Sunday, March 15, 2009

At Last!

Another blogger who's a shameless smoker. But as Monique points out, it's for the children - which makes for a great new ad campaign:


rsnlk said...

Paco, I'm a smoker,too. Having just paid that additional $1.02 to fund healthcare for the children of people who make up to 84 thou a year, I feel your pain.

Isophorone said...

I plan to start smoking for my 100th birthday. How much will my "children's health care" subsidy be in another 53 years?

kc said...

I quit smoking when the tax in California took the price to over 4 bucks a pack. My own private Boston Tea Party.

However, I have no animosity toward smokers. None. In fact, I've made some anti-smoking nazis I know REALLY mad when I assured their 'victims' that smoking doesn't kill most of us smokers anyway. Besides, I'm not MOTHER to the whole damn country (thankyouGod)!

The bad part of the huge taxes on smoking is that others are quitting, too. Which is bad when it comes to funding things the Nannies wanted to fund by punishing smokers. So now, in retaliation, Florida lawmakers are looking to tax rent, doctor visits, football tickets, & other things that have been exempt.

Well of course!

Paco said...

I used to smoke regular cigars (Hoyo de Monterrey, for preference), but then cigar smoking turned into an affectation of would-be connoisseurs and the prices went through the roof. So now I'm down to Winchesters (technically, they are filter-tipped cigars, but they are practically identical to cigarettes, although I am informed that they are stronger).