Monday, March 9, 2009

Blairite Link-Mania!

I thought it might be fun to round up some links to members of Tim Blair’s Comment Academy (i.e., regular commenters at Tim’s old site who run their own blogs).

1) A terrific collection of national characteristics by Margo’s Maid.

2) Math made easy at kae’s bloodnut blog.

3) Angus Dei at Tizona helps us grasp the notion of large numbers (really, really large numbers).

4) Miss Red brushes off the Tenth Amendment.

5) Boy on a Bike has just been promoted to head of new product development for Paco Enterprises.

6) Andrea Harris is vexed by theidiotic waste of intellectual energy in the fruitless conservative infighting over Rush Limbaugh (I agree with her; let’s focus conservative energy on addressing the real threat – Obama and the Democrats).

7) Richard McEnroe notes fragile state of a mature industry.

8) The Saint has evidence that Obama is seriously listening to the voices in his head.

9) Anything by Currency Lad is well worth reading.

10) El Campeador celebrates tea parties (and I bet he doesn’t even like the stuff).

11) Things are looking grim to Mr. Bingley.

12) Tim T updates the grammar rules.

13) Mythusmage takes a thoughtful look at the evidence.

14) Swampie applies steep discount to plausibility of Obama’s budget promises.

15) KC marvels over Presidential gift giving.

16) Mikael watches the European Front.

If I’ve missed anybody, it wasn’t intentional.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paco. That's a good list. Most of them I'm aware of. A few extra has broadened the appeal. Mehaul.

Anonymous said...

er...have broadened...

Margo's Maid said...

Thanks for the link Paco - I had no idea there were that many Blair spawn.

kc said...

Paco, thank you for including me! I am truly honoured.

Anonymous said...

Thank you El Paco...I owe all of my success to Mr. Tim Blair.

The gentleman made me famous in Australia, well Tim and ABC.

Who knew the simple word COMPOST, would make me a star?

Yes I do like tea...Southern Style, iced and sweet.

"hetions". Hmmm, don't they have an operation for that?

Paco said...

Sweet iced tea? I'm with you there, buddy!

SwampWoman said...

Thanks, Paco!