Sunday, March 22, 2009

Geithner Measured for a Chicago Overcoat

David Plouffe: So, Mr. Axelrod, I hear dat da President has went and tol’ Secretary Geithner dat his job is secure. Whaddaya make a’ dat?

David Axelrod: Why, it’s like dis, Mr. Plouffe. Remember, back in Chicago, when we tol’ a guy, what had made hisself kinda inconvenient, dat we wuz "takin’ him for a ride"?

Plouffe: Yeh, I remember. It’s like ya tell a guy one ting, but ya mean sump’n else, right?

Axelrod: Exactly, Mr. Plouffe. Ya take da edge off sump’n by callin’ it some other ting.

Plouffe: Yeh, yeh, I got it. It’s…Now, what’s dat woid…roomatism?

Axelrod: Moicy me, Mr. Plouffe, youse have went and used another malaplop expression. Da woid is “eufeminism”.

Plouffe: Oh…But what’s dis got to do with skoits, Mr. Axelrod?

Axelrod: It ain’t got nuttin’ to do with skoits. It wouldn't cuz it's a Greek woid, see?

Plouffe: Oh, well, yeh, I can see dat. So, to make a long story short, Geithner’s toast, right?

Axelrod: Boint to a crisp, Mr. Plouffe.


Anonymous said...

So can Treasury do less damage if it's completely unmanned?


kc said...

I may have gotten proof this morning that Geithner's a bigger dum-dum than first thought. Will forward the email to you, Paco - I didn't open it, so let us know if I should have!

JeffS said...

Retread, at this point, the White House would do less damaged completely unmanned!

Anonymous said...

I agree, JeffS, but I don't think we get The Won to resign.

BTW, the market is up, way up, on hearing some details about the public/private partnership. Don't let Congressmen be the only ones who make a pile of money on this, if you have nerves of steel that is.


RebeccaH said...

From Wiseguy Axelrod's lips to God's ear.

mojo said...

They're gonna give 'im some popcorn first?

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