Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Impact of Obama’s Director of Cultural Affairs Already Being Felt

MGM to make new Three Stooges movie.

Sean Penn as Larry? Check.

Jim Carrey as Curly? Check.

Benicio del Toro – who recently starred as Che Guevara in a movie that runs longer than the entire Bolivian campaign – as Moe? Too sweet for words.

(H/T: Babalu)


kc said...

This is considered 'comedy?'

Oh dear.

It's worse than I thought, and I thought it'd be pretty damn bad.

TW: uglet - tiny bit of ugly

richard mcenroe said...

Oh My Dear Sweet Jesus.

Did they learn NOTHING from the horrible remake of We're No Angels?

richard mcenroe said...


TW: shiessio: The muslim sect that runs all the gas stations...