Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Nation's CEO?

The White House has asked that Richard Wagoner step down as Chairman and CEO of GM.

Now, it's true that GM is asking for federal assistance. And it might be true, for all I know, that Wagoner did a lousy job (on the other hand, maybe he did a good job with what he had to work with). But isn't there something just a little...disturbing about the President of the U.S. making a call like this? Maybe I wouldn't find it quite as unsettling if the White House were also calling for Congress to take some punitive - even if only symbolic - action against Chris Dodd and Barney Frank (although that might well be interpreted as an inappropriate step for a president to take, given the division of power in government). Nonetheless, in the context of Obama's now-unmistakable goal of increasing the power of the state, I think this smells.

Update: Not everybody's on board with socialism, yet. Join the tea party!

Update II: Unfortunately, some people are on board with the whole Brownshirt thing.


Anonymous said...

Some of the banks want to give back the TARP money and have said so publicly. Last week they had a meeting with The Won and afterwards were slightly backing off the give it back line and paroting the we're all in this together line. After the GM news I expect them to pay the money back as fast as possible and let The Won be in this alone.


SwampWoman said...

But the dildo in chief can't even pick a treasury cabinet! How's he think he can run GM?

It will be interesting to see what crony will be put in the top position.

Wimpy of Canadia said...

Yeah Paco, I am also flumoxed by this news item.

Were the shareholders consulted?

Or are shareholders secondary to government dictat?

Also, why was he fired (because that was what it is)? Because he couldn't organize a deal with the unions, which he did. Will the head of the UAW also be fired by the new despot?

For that is what The One has become - a Despot. Taking unilateral, and certainly self-serving, decisions, in secret, with no explanation, ignoring and overriding the rights of individuals and property owners and working stiffs.

The USA is now under Despotic Rule.


Paco said...

For reasons I can't go into, I happen to know a couple of the top people at TARP. In. Over. Their heads.

Wimpy said...

Paco, I am slowly forming a coherent opinion of The One as President of the Universe.

He does, willingly, what the Democratic Party nomenklatura wants, becuase he believes the same stuff.

He is the front man, hoping to use his charisma to hide the despotism.

Just like Chavez in Venezuela.

And another thing, why is a member of teh Socialist Internalionale in charge of the EPA? Or any other government department, other than janetorial, perhaps?

Paco said...

I wouldn't want a socialist in charge of the janitorial department, either. Before you know it, we'd have overflowing toilets and a shortage of plungers.

SwampWoman said...

In over their heads as incompetent, or in over their heads as overwhelmed, or in over their heads as scared shitless about what is happening?

Old Tanker said...

When is Gettledork.....I mean Gettlefinger getting the hook? No, imagine that, Wagoner has only been with GM for 30 years......what the hell does he know about the auto business.

I lost my job last spring in the automotive world and I'm definitely not going back. Maybe I can't get my old cushy Government job back, of course that was blowing stuff up....and getting shot at.....

SwampWoman said...

Obama knows about the auto business because he rides in cars and can inflate tires to the proper air pressure (no, wait, he probably pays somebody to do that).

Paco said...

Swampie: The people I'm talking about are intelligent folks, but they're not experts in what they've been tasked to do. Plus, they're overwhelmed.

SwampWoman said...

Are they government employees? I don't want to be all cynical or nuthin', but I have noted that people that are really, really good in a particular field do not work for the government.

Paco said...

Yes, they are government types. Both are, to my certain knowledge, hardworking and conscientious, but hopelessly out of their depth.

richard mcenroe said...

Finally, Obama saved a job... for Ralph Nader!

TW: inkle: The thing Obama is in the process of not having one of.

JeffS said...

Both are, to my certain knowledge, hardworking and conscientious, but hopelessly out of their depth.

Very typical in the government, especially when the boss is clueless about what the job is all about. I know, been there, done that.

Got handed a couple of projects that everyone felt I could handle. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Fortunately, either the projects were small with minimum impact, or I talked my way out of them.

But still stupid, either way.

richard mcenroe said...

Obama Appoints New GM CEO

RebeccaH said...

Mr. H, after his ten years' military service, was one of the reviled government bureaucrats for many years, and as I believe, did his job conscientiously and well. But he certainly had his gripes with upper (political) management, and was glad to retire when things started going south.

The problem, as far as I understand it, is with adherence to system rather than common sense. Regulations have become the end-all, regardless of their effect. Let us also admit that there are coteries of people who see an advantage in gaming the system to the detriment of others.

I give you: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all their toadies.

Americans, this is the change we can believe in: time to clean house.

JeffS said...

Regulations have become the end-all, regardless of their effect.

It's not just Pelosi and her pals, Rebecca. A lot of people are a "Regulation Charlie" because it's simpler and less risk to their career to blindly follow instructions. Thinking ain't allowed in their world.

I work at the field level, and see consequence ignoring adherence daily. Obama and the other socialists merely take advantage of this intellectual laziness. Or should I say "decadence"?

TW: sycoman. Yeah, they are psycho, man!