Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obama’s New Competence Czar Injured After Accidentally Walking Into Open Manhole While Checking E-Mail On His BlackBerry

Well, no, not really. But it’s exactly the kind of thing one would expect under the present regime. Pratfall after pratfall, gaffe piled on gaffe, economy-busting spending bills yoked with the new “Kick Me” foreign policy, nominees for high office disappearing like characters in an Agatha Christie novel. Color me unimpressed.

But taking into consideration the game plan of the liberals, do we really want competence at the top? When it comes right down to it, given the left-wing destination the Democrats have in mind for the ship of state, maybe a seasick captain hanging over the rails of the poop deck, oblivious to the increasingly panicked reports of his sailing master, is the lesser of two evils.

Postscript: On second thought, we don't want the ship of state going down with all hands, so I imagine that what we should be praying for is that B.O. will have some kind of epiphany and discover that everything he's believed his whole life long is nothing but the most egregious flapdoodle, and that he will do a 180 on his politics (and as Seinfeld used to say, "Good luck with all that").

Update: The incompetence theory is gaining traction.


Larry Sheldon said...

At the risk of re-igniting the recent flame-war, I think I would rather they run the sip of state aground,thinking we can have a better shot at salvage that way.

SwampWoman said...

There was a recent flame war and I missed it? I am SO looking forward to unemployment! (Ten more weeks! Ten more weeks! Woohooo!)

Maybe I should stop doing the happy dance in the hallways at work on Friday while counting down, but I can't help it.

On the other hand, I'm now available for the Obama administration to appoint to the Treasury Department to help clean up the financial mess.

"Madame Speaker, so you're calling to complain that your check isn't in your account and your account has been cleaned out? Oh, yes, I remember. You're being charged for the actual cost of the military planes that you and your family have been flitting back and forth on because the taxpayers are tired of it. THEY don't get free air travel on military planes. Oh, and you still owe $35 million. Have a nice day."

"No, it is not some kind of mistake, Mr. President, I've sold Air Force One to cover the cost of your excessive travel. Knowing your dedication to the environment and teensy little carbon footprints, we're sending over an aging mule named Horace for your trip to West Virginia to tell the coal guys that they're all getting jobs in green energy by recycling grease for biodiesel at McDonalds. Tell the Secret Service guys to watch out for Horace's teeth and hooves because I cut waaaaay back on insurance coverage, too."

Oh, and since you've completely blown the entertainment budget for the next 4 years, Michelle will have to choose between hot dogs and Spam for the next White House dinner. Have a nice day."

Old Tanker said...

Maybe we could get lucky and find it like the Mary Celeste.....we can hope right? (sorry, bad pun intended)

JeffS said...

Paco, you make a good point. The longer that The Won™ and his fellow clowns keeps on playing Keystone Cops, the less likely they're able to do something totally destructive.

And it's possible that the Obama Administration may get its act together, but it's unlikely. That assumes that they accept the possibility that they can make mistakes. So their learning is going to be steep. REALLY steep.

In the meantime, all we can do is hold onto the tiger even tighter......

RebeccaH said...

Considering the panicked flailing around they're doing now, I don't hold out much hope for improvement. The upside is, if all this panic and mayhem keep up, we'll be cleaning house in a major way, starting in 2010.

richard mcenroe said...

Hey, the man just signed a bill outlawing the harvesting of foetuses for medical research two days after repealing the ban on embryonic stem cell research. There may be hope.

On the other hand, the Obama Administration simply may not have realized that foetuses and embryos are the same thing.

It's fun to watch, but counting on your enemies to make mistakes is no way to run a war. As a great man once said, "Hope is not a plan, son."

TW: woredor: The Dark Land of Perdition for unemployed newspaper writers...

kc said...

I need a synonym for "hope."

I 'hope' ALL of BarryO's little plans fail. I 'hope' ALL of BarryO's appointments disappear, get the flu, fall off a cliff or go to jail for past misdeeds. I 'hope' the American people see the mess their 'public servants' are making of this country and t'row da bums out. I 'hope' I live long enough to see my Country rise to glory again.