Thursday, March 26, 2009

The President’s Policies Will Undermine the Economic and Political Well-Being of Our Country (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That)

Kudos to Bobby Jindal for telling it like it is. And this comment from Dan at Protein Wisdom neatly captures the irony of those (including many Republicans) who seem to think that we can dissociate the success of the man, Barack Obama, from his success in getting his harmful policies enacted:

“[Obama] wants to take my money and leave my children in debt and make them do mandatory voluntary service, and socialize the health care system, and weaken the military, and grow the size of government, and make it more intrusive, and take away our guns, and ghettoize religion, and force physicians and pharmacists to either do things they believe to be unethical or give up practicing as part of the socialization of medicine, and make injured military pay for their treatments, and make our children wards of the state, and destroy our economy with his cap and trade schemes, and lots of other pernicious shit, but I really wish him all success apart from all that stuff.”

The power of government to do harm is infinite; the power of government to do good is limited. We have a man at the top who believes otherwise. The only success I can wish him at this point is in experiencing the kind of epiphany that is occasionally vouchsafed to the person who is a sincere seeker of truth. Whether he is, or is even capable of becoming, such a person remains to be seen; based on the evidence to date, I may be pardoned a certain, shall we say, skepticism?

Update: Welcome Outlaws!


saint said...

Pardoned, baptised and confirmed.

JeffS said...

Ditto. Plus, you ain't alone!