Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rahm Emanuel Speaks Out on the "Bonus" Issue

Hey, all a’ yez hoid a’ dis Jake DeSantis guy, right? Da eyeshade what woiked for AIG and pulled down seven hundred large in bonuses, and den got hit wit’ a whaddayacall, “compost facto” law or “bill of attainment” or sump’n dat da Feds passed dat said, Hey, we got one law for most people, but we got dis udder one for youse guys, so pay up, see ? So, frien' Jake, he says, "Oh, yeh? Well, watch my smoke, assholes", an' he writes up a letter a' resignation, but instead a' sendin' it to da boss, he sends it to da New York Times - da freakin' New York Times! Da boy's got a lotta moxie, no two ways about it.

An' ya know what I tink? I tink dis Jake bozo has a good purnt. In America, dere oughta be one law for everybody, right? And da Feds shouldn’t oughta be able to come back and shake down a few goombahs just ‘cuz dey don’t like ‘em too much. So, whedder yer a’ money bags woikin’ for AIG, or - just to give yez an example at random - a well-connected political fixer who pockets three hundred grand after attendin’ a few meetin’s at Freddie Mac, citizens oughta be able to hang on to da getus, all equal-like. Am I right?

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Anonymous said...

It's looking like The Won has woken up to the AIG bonus bill being a bad idea. Of course he isn't saying so but is tap dancing around stating a position. And the Senate isn't rushing to take it up, so it looks like the House got to vent without actually accomplishing anything. Once agian politicians get to talk out of both side of their mouths.


TW: storke: the House gets to have a stroke without suffering