Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time for Another Blairite Link-Fest!

In which I link to bloggers who matriculated in the Comment Academy of Tim Blair U.

1) Global warming jargon: Three Beers Later explains it to you.

2) Angus Dei at Tizona reminds us why we're lucky we don't live in a celebritocracy.

3) Mr. Bingley has a survivor's tale to beat all survivors' tales.

4) El Campeador draws his sword against a worthy target (one of the worthiest, in my opinion).

5) kae of Bloodnut discovers that their feet aren't the only thing fat people can't see.

6) Mythusmage reports on the death of a city.

7) TimT deconstructs an Obama speech.

8) Margo's Maid browses through the Pally personal ads.

9) KC at Pixie Place grabs El Campeador's sword and says, "Here, let me have a whack at him!"

10) Miss Red needs a tip jar.


mythusmage said...

I got about 130 visitors because Dean Esmay linked to that post. Let's see how many visitors your link can round up.

(And if any of them -oh miracle of miracles- actually leave a tip. :) )

blogstrop said...

In this august company Paco has graduated cum laude, or extremely loud on some days.

Paco said...

Mythusmage: I'm pretty sure I don't have that many readers, but I hope you'll get at least a few from here. I lived in Detroit (one semester at U of D) back in the early '70's. The city was in decline, but it hadn't sunk as far down as it is now.

Blogstrop: I'm still doing post-grad work.

kc said...

I think maybe El Campeador and I make a pretty good whacking team, Paco!

richard mcenroe said...

Heck, my readership is in the high severals, Paco, you gotta be doing better than that...

Oh, and the global warming dictionary is now charmingly illustrated with a heartwarming photo of an adorable wild critter just struggling to survive...

Paco said...

Richard: If I reinstalled Sitemeter, I'd probably have some idea of my traffic, but I'm not sure how to summon it back. Something I'll have to try to figure out this weekend (I got rid of it originally because the "upgrades" were creating problems with my site).

Old Tanker said...

Hey, wonderful to see all of the old "Blairites" here, I'm gonna go check all of 'em out!

kae said...

I found the swarm from Margo's link "You know you're....." was the best - I got thousands of hits from there! That was a good post.

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