Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whaddaya Got to Hide?

Ok, all a yez listen up. Card check is all about freedom; da freedom to know who wants a fair, unionized workplace, and who wants to keep bein’ wage slaves; da freedom to know where da anti-union crumb-bums live; da freedom to reach out to deez scabs and knock a little sense into ‘em. Why, Card Check is practically da whaddaya call headstone of democracy, see? So, youse senators who are startin’ to get wobbly, it’s time for yez to straighten up and fly right. I mean, bein’ a senator’s a nice life, ain’t it? Be a shame for yez to have to give all dat up and move back to Paducah or wherever. Capiche?


Anonymous said...

Seriously Paco, these are absolutely golden.....Iowahawk-level satire in my opinion.

There is a book in these after his 4 years....format it like a diary, with a small blurb about the date and inspiring event(s), then the spiel.

Like I said, golden.

MB from Blair's

Paco said...

Very kind of you, MB, but the I-Man stands alone.

Yes, the next four years are going to be a harrowing experience, but the opportunities for satire are going to be endless.

JeffS said...

"...but the opportunities for satire are going to be endless."

Go for the gold, no matter where it is!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know what they call a 55 gallon drum in Chicago?

A Chicago coffin.


Paco said...

That's pretty good, Retread! I understand that a "Chicago overcoat" is a coffin.

mojo said...

"On The Waterfront", Steiger in the car with Brando...

SB: forstri
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