Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter Comes Home to Roost

Specter rips off mask, reveals himself as a Democrat.

Yeah, like we didn’t know. It’s like Arlen Specter pulling off his Arlen Specter mask.

Good. For too long, the Republican Party has tried to eek out victories with the help of unreliable liberals like Specter, thereby avoiding the hard work of transforming itself into a party of ideas. It’s fine to have a big tent, but it doesn’t have to be a circus tent with the chimps in charge of the popcorn concession. Toodle-oo, Arlen, it’s been real; we will (yawn) follow your future career with considerable interest.

Update: Much good pistol-whipping and linking from Stacy McCain.


JeffS said...

The Weasel strikes again!

mojo said...

The other Senator from Pennsylvania is already a democrat fuckwit. I'd like to scan his website for the phrase "the children", just to see how big a dipshit he is.

Old Tanker said...

The Democrats were actually happy about this.......I wonder why, he voted with them more than he did with the Republicans....

I heard a "newsie" actually say that it proves there is no room for "moderate mavericks" in the Republican party any more......ask Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller how that worked out with the Democrats......good riddance to "moderate mavericks"

RebeccaH said...

Vote Whore! Vote Whore!


Tell me this doesn't describe Arlen Specter.

bruce said...

3,345 news articles on this so far on Yahoo where its the top story even in Australia (where we don't know who Spector is).

Or rather 'news', innuendo, chinese-whispers... Pravda.

We have succesfully separated Church and State, so those with a fanatically puritan bent are now turning the State into their Church, with 'rightwingers' as heretics who must be purged.

Paco said...

Well said, Bruce.