Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blair Swarm

Well, not a “swarm”, exactly; more like an arbitrary selection by yours truly of posts from the Tim Blair blog family.

1) The Saint has, much to everyone’s delight, resumed posting.

2) The Shadowlands highlights swine flu conspiracy theories.

3) Bingbing at Tizona encounters the language-challenged.

4) Wild Man TimT on single-word reviews.

5) There are those who think Obama is hip. Andrea Harris is not amused.

6) El Campeador links to an interesting piece on a U.S. ally that will, in all likelihood, decline to be thrown under Obama’s bus.

7) Richard McEnroe of Three Beers Later prepares to apply for a change of citizenship (wait for me!)

8) A1A takes issue with Congressman Henry Waxman’s knowledge of topography.

9) Boy on a Bike takes the scenic route [Editor’s note: B on a B could write about paint drying and make it interesting; don’t miss his lively, salty prose!]

10) Mr. Bingley at Coalition of the Swilling has positively the most hilarious send-up of Air Force One and the buzzing of New York City.

11) Pixie Place links to two worthwhile essays by Bert Prelutsky.

12) Mythusmage has a couple of good videos featuring the phenomenal Susan Boyle.

13) The Bloodnut Blog features…er… Sam Kekovich’s nephew.

14) Carol finds Kathleen Sibellius to be an unhealthy choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services.


Carol said...

Thank you for including me in the family, Paco. Think of me as the crazy Auntie who always gets a bit tipsy at the gatherings and giggles a lot.

Paco said...

Frankly, Carol, that could be any of us.

richard mcenroe said...

There's been another flyby apology...

Minicapt said...

This is so good, though I linked it at BoaB, I really must share it here:


richard mcenroe said...

Minicapt -- Thet wuz funnyr afore we give'em the vote and they paid us back with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama...