Monday, April 20, 2009

Cool Foreign Policy

Well awwwwwreet! What’s buzzin’, cousin? This is Dave “Alligator” Axelrod slippin’ you some skin, and layin’ down the righteous rule that anti-Americanism ain’t no longer cool. Sure, it was jake to snap your cap at the USA when cornhusker George was draggin’ his stompers through the White House, but ol’ George, he done hit the silk, and we got us a killer-diller in the Oval Office now, a real gone gasser, who’s root, zoot and solid to boot. The inside skinny is, we got us some fraughty issues, but the O-Man, he’s just friskin’ his whiskers, Pop; wait ‘til he makes with the trickeration – it’ll be murder, Jackson, the absolute mezz! Ain’t that right, Prez?

"That's right, Dave! Gonna break it up if I have to bust my conk!"

I gots to trilly, hep cats and kittens, gonna collar me some cups, so I’ll plant you now and dig you later. Awwwroot!


Robert Stacy McCain said...

Paco, you definitely need to report to the nearest FEMA detention camp for re-education.

BTW, the comments just gave me "mulascon" as a word-identification. Coincidence? I don't think so!

Paco said...

RSM: I'll do that very thing; they got TV and A/C? And do me a solid, brother; send me a carton of cigarettes now and again.

steveH said...

My dad used to claim that he never had or wore a zoot suit, but that he had friends who did.

I'm not completely certain how to respond to that news.

blogstrop said...

We had a retread USA DJ here in Sydney Australia many years ago who used to sign off wishing us all a rickapoodie and a fandooglie.The zoot suit was not long in its grave at that time. Reminds me of the old joke:
"He stopped by and had a a few words for us; I did not understand any of them."

bruce said...

Wild in the Streets (1968)

'Max Flatow is a precocious, social miscreant who ... runs away from home only to emerge seven years later as Max Frost, the world's most popular entertainer. ...Eventually, Frost runs for the presidency. Winning in a landslide, he issues his first presidential edict: All oldsters are required to live in "retirement homes" where they are forced to ingest LSD, taking the 60s catch phrase "Never trust anyone over 30" to its most extreme consequences.'

richard mcenroe said...

Time for another Zoot Suit Riot! Send in the Fleet!

RebeccaH said...

I always equated zoot suits (which were still evident among southern blacks in the early 50's) with a certain style of music (my southern white/Texas demographic had limited, but not non-existent access to black films and nightclubs). In other words (IOW), back then there were two cultures that existed side-by-side, and inevitably bumped shoulders (whenever they didn't share intimate congress, and not in the political sense).

My point is, Obama himself doesn't share this particular history. Yes, he's married to Angry Michelle and her Black-Liberationist theologist Reverend Wright, but I think in his most private of privatest ruminations, he identifies more with the dark-colored Third World (sort of wishful identification dreams from his Kenyan, Soviet-educated father). What this says about his feelings for his white mother, or the white grandparents who raised him, I can't say.

Lacking concrete knowledge about all of that, I'll just go with the common perception, for now, that he's an amoral, opportunistic Chicago-style politician who will sell out or abandon anyone or any principle for political power, which may give the American electorate (if they can swallow their bile long enough) hope to manipulate, and eventually get rid of, him and his ilk.