Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ersatz Conservatives

Stacy McCain has a long, thoughtful essay up dealing with the general themes of (a) the GOP’s failure to differentiate itself from the Democrats on domestic policy, and (b) the economic cluelessness of certain self-styled conservatives who are trying to be “helpful.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the clueless wing of the conservative movement, by all means, check out New Majority. The “clueless” crack is not altogether fair, because you’ll find some garden variety expressions of rightist opinion that are unobjectionable to most people who style themselves as “conservative.” But it is definitely not the go-to blog for people who believe in a more robust, combative approach to creeping galloping socialism. David Frum occasionally taking time out from castigating Rush Limbaugh in order to wag a gently remonstrative finger at President Obama , or David Jenkins hilariously accusing climate-change skeptics of falling for the blandishments of the snake in the Garden of Eden – I dunno, I’m not seeing “majority”, Republican or otherwise, in this farrago of muddle-headed notions.


RebeccaH said...

That's why the Tea Party Movement is not partisan.

Anonymous said...

Muddle-headed notions are likely the result of poll-driven positions, which in turn are the result of politicians being more interested in retaining power than serving their constituents. In this, politicians appear to be non-partisan.


richard mcenroe said...

Now really, Paco, these are EXACTLY the sort of conservatives who get to hobnob with the very BEST people? Honestly, we simply can't just go running around lowering the tone of all the wine and cheese parties in Georgetown; whatever would frankie Foer and Arianna say?

Paco said...

Richard: As a regular at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, I have no sympathy for them Georgetown hoity-toi.

kc said...

WHY did I not know about Five Guys when the Chief (retired) was stationed at Pax River??? We traveled the area & saw the sights quite a bit in those 3 years. Well, maybe cuz burgers aren't exactly on his "must see" list as he tries to keep the weight gain to a minimum...but STILL!

TW: nontin - code im by dose, odder dan dat, aint nontin wrong!

Paco said...

KC: Five Guys' burgers - and home-made french fries - should be on your "must see" list.

bruce said...

A bowl of chili?

Now, what would that be my good man?

A finger bowl of spicy sauce for the h'ordeuvres, no doubt.

bruce said...

Paco I just got the joke in Simpsons where Mr Burns wants the Kingston Trio banned but they don't say why.

- they sang "And I don't give a damn about a greenback dollar, spend it fast as I can."

(Although Hoyt Axton wrote it and Trini Lopez may have had the biggest hit with it)

Simpsons used to be very funny.