Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rule 2 Benefits

One of the great things about Rule 2, in addition to receiving reciprocal links, is that one is introduced to so many other fine blogs. For example, Political Castaway has an amusing post that suggests that, if Obama can fire corporate CEO's (not to mention poor Mr. Patel at the Main Street 7-11), then it's only fair that China, as one of the U.S.'s leading creditors, should have the right to fire our president.

And there's this other valuable Rule 2 perk: numerous opportunities for fisking David Brooks, or, as in this case, just watching Brooks self-fisk. Two things about the video: one, I wonder if the caller isn't a variation on the astroturfing theme, and two, according to Brooks, we are now, apparently, one with the Body of Obama ("rooting for the president is rooting for ourselves.") Using the connotation of "root" as it is employed by our Australian friends, the American taxpayer is the only one presently getting rooted.

Just a quick observation: I know we can't help how we look (God knows, I'm no prize), but even Brooks' facial expressions annoy me. As he sits there listening to the caller's question, his plump face congealed into a half-somnolent complacency, he puts me in mind of a fellow who's just settled down with his opium pipe and is waiting for the pleasant dreams to kick in.

Update: See? Rule 2 works like a charm.


Boy on a bike said...

I am so pleased there is one American who gets the proper meaning of "root".

Bless your heart, Senor Paco.

RebeccaH said...

That Brooks video was interesting. Am I the only one who thinks he's just mouthing the same old schtick about Obama because he just can't bring himself to admit that he was wrong and Obama is a complete incompetent?

Paco said...

B on a B: I can almost never use the word anymore in its American connotation without pausing to smile at how the word will be received in Australia.

Rebecca: He may well be just talking up his "investment".

adagioforstrings said...

("rooting for the president is rooting for ourselves.")

But isn't rooting for yourself rather arrogant & isn't it wrong for Americans to be arrogant? Therefore, we should, at the bare minimum, NOT root for Obama, in order to demonstrate our humble bona fides.

Paco said...

Adagio: Flawlessly logical point, there!