Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tim Blair is Our Blogfather

More links to blogs run by graduates of Tim Blair’s Comment Academy.

1) Richard McEnroe at Three Beers Later has some expoit commentary on bank accountin’; youse mugs’ll loin sump’n.

2) Boy on a Bike has a man-friendly, question-and-answer-type recipe for what actually looks like a pretty tasty dessert. You won’t see prose like this in standard recipes:

Question - can I use that spray stuff in a can?

Answer - what do I care? Just grease the tray! Use your fingers! Work that stuff all over the tray!

3) Swampwoman at A1A gets into the Tea Party spirit.

4) Let Shadowlands be your guide to better relations with the Religion of Peace.

5) Nilk of Tizona takes issue with the drooling press concerning Michelle Obama’s status as a fashion model.

6) Mr. Bingley argues, convincingly, that when it comes to evaluating Ward Churchill’s value as a human being, one has a right to expect change back from one’s dollar.

7) El Campeador spots a marketing failure.

8) Pixie Place laments the coming shortage of this great Easter gift.

9) TimT ponders the existential meaning of jobs.

10) I’m not sure how I missed this, but Spot the Dog tells you how you can uncover your inner professional wrestler (my wrestling name, interestingly, is Disco Slaughter).

11) A heartwarming tribute to true friendship, Aussie style, at kae's.


Mikael said...

I shall now be known only as "Nature Boy Ninja". Bow or Though shall never sleep safely again!

On the other hand, there's something a bit disturbing with the inner image that name creates.

Paco said...

Mikael: Hmm. That is pretty funny. Maybe you should try again.

blogstrop said...

My wrestling name would be Disc Out (Laughter).

SwampWoman said...

Hunh. My professional wrestling name is The Grand Yeti.

kc said...

It's Captain Ironstorm!

Many thanks to Captain Caveman, who was popular on Saturday morning cartoons when I was in high school. I put in my real name, so now I wonder what there is about it that would generate this moniker.

Cuz I kinda like it...

Anonymous said...

I'm Jesus Rocket!

Paco said...

C.L.: Of course!

Harry Bergeron said...

Full Metal Gremlin
That's a monker I can live with!

Stuart Lord said...

Funnily enough, my new name is Macho Justice. How does that work? I show them my chest hair coming out of my cop uniform before the triple hammer drill?

spot_the_dog said...

I'm still wondering how Andrew Bolt will take to “Ringo Apocalypse,” when compared to Tim Blair’s “Maverick Tank”?

BTW, Paco, I'm in your hemisphere (if not neck of the woods) ATM - caught the Opening Day game Cubs vs. Astros yesterday :-) but now it's down to business.

Signed, Falcon Hulk

daddy dave said...

I knew about most of these, but Richard McEnroe has a blog?
That one slipped by me completely.

btw you can find me at:

Unknown said...

I am now, and henceforth to be known as ...


freddi said...

I don't know whether to be happy or disappointed.

Judging by some of the more horrifying ones coming out of that things's great name-creator in the sky, i'll stick with happy...

kae said...

WTF kind of name is

Calamity Kitten?


WV: aingly.

Too bloody right!

Anonymous said...

Ahhoogah! Ladies stand by to faint on command.
They call me the.....wait for it Missy...
Love Cannon!!
What can I say.
signed Love Cannon.(formerly 81Alpha)

Mr. Bingley said...

I suggest we all get roaring drunk this weekend in honor of our brood status.

Mind you, I was planning on doing that regardless.

chuck said...

Breeding and brawn: Prince Hercules