Friday, April 10, 2009

Where’s That Damned Pizza Delivery Man?

The Obamas fly a chef from St. Louis to Washington to make them a pizza (H/T: Tim Blair). BTW: Paco's Dining Rule #1 - stay away from chefs who serve up "creations" instead of food.

Good thing they didn’t have a craving for barbecued yak peckers .


SwampWoman said...

You got dat right, Paco. I was reluctantly dragged to Japanese/Mexican fusion restaurant. It is quite fashionable. No wonder. None of the dishes that I tried had any sort of taste that would tempt anyone to eat to satiety, so the skinny stay that way.

Pogria said...

Sorry for the off topic Paco but!!!!

LOOK!! wall to wall Fedoras!!!!

Definitely on my must see list. Annoyed though that you'll be able to see it before me. mleah.

Paco said...

Pogs: Sweet!

richard mcenroe said...

Paco's first rule immortalized on film!