Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Few Words from the Obama Nostra

Oh, ok, I get it. Youse mugs don’t like Sotomayor ‘cause ya t'ink she’s a racist, is dat it? Well, listen up, wise-guys. She ain’t no racist ‘cause (a) she ain’t a man or a, whaddayacall, a anglo-saxophone, and (2) she’s a woman and a Spanish broad, which makes her a two-fer, see? So what, maybe she ain’t de sharpest tack in de box; a stupid judge is always de kind I preferred, anyhow (especially if yez also get a stupid jury; or at least, a cheap one). An’ so what if she monkeys aroun’ wit’ de Constitution? It’s a livin’, breathin’ document, ain’t it?

An’ livin’ an’ breathin’s kinda important – or don’t ya t’ink so?

1 comment:

Steve Burri said...

Dat's duh same ting my Uncle Guido sez ta me dee udder day.

Cement shoes er powdered kneecaps?