Friday, May 29, 2009

Gitmo Prisoners? Sure, We'll Take 'Em!

Brave little Hardin, Montana says it'll take the prisoners from Guantanamo.

"The medium-security jail was conceived as a holding facility for drunks and other scofflaws, but town leaders said it could be fortified with a couple of guard towers and some more concertina wire."

"The jail's No. 1 promoter, Greg Smith, executive director of Hardin's economic development agency, said the Two Rivers Detention Center could easily be retrofitted to increase security. And while the town hasn't had its own police force since the 1970s, Smith said the jail's well-armed neighbors would constitute an 'unofficial redneck patrol.'"

Praise Allah, Hassan! We are free of the compound!

Yes, my friend. Let us take to our heels.

*Chook-CHOOK* Howdy, boys! Goin' somewhere?

(H/T: Tigerhawk)


Boy on a bike said...

Chk-Chk BOOM

Skeeter said...

Our dear leader is considering your dear leader's suggestion that a select group of the Gitmo prisoners could be released into Australia. The chosen ones are Chinese Muslims who are not held in high regard in China, and would probably not get a fair trial if they were sent home.
However the federal opposition, bless them, are dead against it.
...opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop said the coalition had "grave concerns" about accepting any prisoners or detainees from Guantanamo Bay that the US was not prepared to take.On TV tonight, opposition leader Turnbull also asked the question: If it safe to release these prisoners onto the streets of Sydney, how come they can't be safely released onto the streets of New York?

blogstrop said...

It's safe to say the Australian Government will Uigh Out on this one.
So what if they're in danger if returned home? Does this have a limit - we'll end up having to take every South American soccer team that loses an "away" match.

richard mcenroe said...

Life in Hardin, Montana...