Sunday, June 14, 2009


The blooms just keep comin' here at the Paco Command Center (click on the pictures to enlarge).

This is my favorite color in roses (not sure what you'd call it, exactly; salmon or coral, maybe).

We've also got white...

And - my second favorite color - yellow...

The lilies are still going strong.

In back of the house, we have some eight-foot-high rhododendrons that are finally flowering.

Here's a white-flower hydrangea/pink tea rose combo.

The flowers on the standard hydrangea can be pink or blue, depending on soil conditions. I'm not sure what's going on here, since I've got pink and blue (and also some blending into a kind of lavender color) on the same plants.

The bright red of a geranium is always striking against the background of green shrubbery.


rsnlk said...

Living in Florida,Paco, you have no idea how I miss rhododendrons.

Paco said...

I miss living in Miami. We bought a house that had a half dozen avocado trees in the yard, and the fruit was as big as a football. I also planted a honeybell tangelo, a mango, and various exotics (nispero, cherimoya and mamey; the mamey tree, unfortunately, never did well because it was a favorite of Japanes beetles). And hibicus grew like weeds! I could could cut a branch off of a shrub, stick it in the ground, and it would root with no problem.