Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foreign Policy – the Handwringing Option

Most people, when they’re kids, grow up admiring and wanting to emulate some actor – or, to be precise, some actor’s character - that they’ve seen in the movies. In this regard, Obama is like practically everybody else. But who would ever have guessed that he grew up wanting to be ZaSu Pitts?

For the uninitiated, ZaSu Pitts was best known for her comic movie roles in the 1930’s; she specialized in portraying a constantly flustered worrier, who typically responded to each new crisis with a plaintive cry of “Oh, dear!” Our President has put me in mind of Ms. Pitts with his nervous handwringing and tepid observations in connection with the violence in Iran. “Oh, dear!” he seems to whine. “This situation could seriously undermine my ability to charm the mullahs out of their nukes.”

Well, I think it highly unlikely that he was going to succeed in that, anyway, especially given the intransigence of the Iranian theocracy. So he might want to consider taking a different tack: condemning the government’s crackdown on dissent and unequivocally expressing his support for those people in Iran who are desperate for genuine democracy. He could do that much without in any way threatening to physically intervene. Sometimes, as President Reagan demonstrated during the Polish crisis, a bold statement of principle is all that is needed to give hope to the oppressed, and to start a crack running through the weakened façade of a tyrannical government.

Update: Yo, Preshizzle, even France - freakin' France, dude! - has condemned the election as fraudulent.


SwampWoman said...

Just when I think my contempt cannot get any deeper for the idiot-in-chief, I find that it can!

JeffS said...

Reagan had principles in the first place, Paco. Obama? Pure self-interest, as befits a die hard narcissist.

Yojimbo said...

He really went out of his way to sidestep the issue today. It's almost like he doesn't want to make them angry.

Hmm. Straits of Hormuz and increasing ties with Venezuela. Any major disruption in the oil supply would spell doom for his Cap and Trade fiasco and the Dems in 2010. It would also start us drilling again in a large way.


RebeccaH said...

How embarrassing is it that France issued a strong statement in support of the Iranian opposition, and our own American president smiled and said he didn't want to "meddle"? This guy has got to go in 2012, or we are doomed (but first things first: sweeping the dreck out of Congress in 2010).