Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I’m Sorry, Joe

Paco Enterprises is not shy about expressing opinions, and doing so unequivocally. But when I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and I like to think I’m a big enough man to admit it.

Up to now, I’ve always considered Joe Biden to be the dumbest guy in the Obama Administration. While it is indisputable that any village in the market for a celebrity idiot would snap him up without thinking twice, and that a brain scan of our Vice President would reveal an image suggestive of a flat and trackless waste, a veritable moonscape of lifeless, pitted rock, he is, nonetheless, not the dumbest guy in the Obama government. No, that distinction belongs to whoever it is in the Department of Justice who decided that we should start reading captured terrorists their Miranda rights. This, my friends, is prime, irreducible, shatter-proof stupidity, an “idea” that is practically a basic building block of Dumb.

Now, I don't know the name of the individual who originally experienced this flash in the brainpan, but I doubt that the policy could have been implemented without the approval of Eric Holder, and I suspect that he would have required an ok from higher up, too. So, as far as I'm concerned, the blame for this feeble synaptic misfire can be laid at the feet of the President, himself; therefore, I promote Obama to Generalissimo of the Imbecilariat.

Worst. President. In history.


Steve Burri said...

Joe makes Dan Quayle look like a genius and Sarah Palin a goddess.

I think on the battlefield they will be called 'Mahmoud Rights.'

Our guys will probably do what I was taught. First shot in the chest and then the warning shot in the air.

JeffS said...

Weapons grade stupid, in point of fact.

Anonymous said...

Obama has gone from a war on terror to a police action.

Fox News Special Report discussed this tonight and it's unclear who is reading the rights, maybe the FBI, but probably not the military, on the battlefield at least.


elcampeador said...

Miranda Warnings for Terrorists — Thank Sen. McCain The Corner/NRO

cac said...

It does signify a certain woolly mindedness in the battle against terrorism but I wonder whether it actually makes any practical difference. It seems very unlikely that any capured jihadi would have been ready to sing and then changed their mind after being told they don't have to.

RebeccaH said...

I think this mindset evolved before Obama and Holder, but they have most definitely put it into action.

The lesson for our military is: get what information you can extract in the field, however you can, and then kill the informant.

Is this what the namby-pamby sobsisters of our government want? When things get truly ugly, this is what they'll get, regardless.

RebeccaH said...

And, yes:

Black people are going to have to accept the ugly truth that, despite being the first black US president in history, Obama IS the worst. president. ever. So far. It could always be worse, but God help us if it is.

Race is not the issue here. Experience, competence, and ethics are. I expect sensible, intelligent black people would agree.

JeffS said...

I expect sensible, intelligent black people would agree.

Alas, you describe only 48% of the country, Rebecca. With 4% teetering on the edge.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder what WWII would have been like if Obambi was President then. Most likely American soldiers would have found piles of German uniforms but no German soldiers. However, they might have noticed significant numbers of young German men walking about in civilian clothing.

What? They were soldiers? Prove it! But first, give them their Miranda right.