Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pyramid Scheme

For the supreme fisking of the President's speech in Cairo, you can't do better than read Robert Spencer (H/T: Dog Fight at Bankstown).

Update: American Power has a roundup of conservative reactions.

Update II: Allahpundit has a video of the great Charles Krauthammer absolutely bludgeoning the speech.

Update III: Richard McEnroe at Three Beers Later has a few "minor" corrections to Obama's characterization of Islamic history.


Anonymous said...

Spencer is very good, as usual. Thanks for the link.

I saw Krauthammer on SR tonight. That vid is worth watching twice, before reading the speech and again after. What The Won did in parts of this speech is much worse than his earlier apology tour.

Don Surber has a post detailing the lockdown in Cairo for The Visit.


bingbing said...

Shameless plug. Mole has a bit to say on it, too.