Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rule 5: Something A Little Different, This Week

Since it's the anniversary of D-Day, how about a little WWII nose art as part of the Rule 5 action?

Check here for more.


richard mcenroe said...

If we're doing Rule 5 firepower, I got some big guns for ya...

TW; emberace: hug a piano player

Yojimbo said...

Very appropriate use of the Rule 5, Paco.

Another might be: Best Use of Nose Art. Multiple choice, two out of three.

A) Enola Gay
B) Boxcar
C) No other candidates

Certainly not met as a relection on any of the bomb groups in the European Theater. Wouldn't disparage those, no, not hardly.

Donald Douglas said...

Classy ... !

Mehaul said...

I stood on the beach at Dieppe last November with the American husband of an Australian friend and with the tide out and the chalk cliffs rising behind us we didn't realise we were both thinking about the same thing. We were both imagining what it must have been like in 1945. Me a war advocate and him a peacenik. A very special place.