Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Lindsey Graham Our Chuck Schumer?

I’m not talking about each man’s fidelity to his stated political creed; in this matter, Democrat Schumer is far more predictable, in that he is about as consistently liberal as you can get, while Graham oscillates between occasional conservative ambience and full-on RINO collaborationism.

I’m talking about each man’s addiction to mugging for the television cameras and playing for maximum personal publicity. During the Sotomayor hearings, Graham demonstrated an annoying tendency to strike poses – asking tough questions one day, and then promptly undermining them with a quirky tribute to Sotomayor’s “edginess” the next (naturally, he wound up voting for her).

And who can forget Graham thrusting himself to the forefront of the immigration debate, playing Zorro for the open-borders crowd, and aligning himself with the likes of Ted Kennedy in attempting to pass George Bush's immigration non-reform? "We're going to tell the bigots," he said, in that voice eerily reminiscent of Flo the waitress from Alice, "to shut up" (failing at the last minute, no doubt, in his original resolve to add the invitation to "kiss my grits.") The bigots, of course, were people like me, who believe that uncontrolled immigration will eventually make American citizens strangers in their own country, with little or no say-so over this nation's destiny.

And now, apparently swinging back to RINO mode (another jock-strap collector trying to garner favor with the cool guys), he has this to say about conservatives: “If we chase this attitude … that you have to say ‘no’ to every Democratic proposal, you can’t help the president ever, you can’t ever reach across the aisle, then I don’t want to be part of the movement because it’s a dead-end movement.”

No, Senator Droopy, it is the RINO “movement” that is a dead-end; it stops right at the front door of the Democratic Party. You’ll have to pardon principled conservatives if they decline to pile up in that particular cul de sac.


JeffS said...

I prefer to think of RINOs as quislings, myself. Harsh, but fair.

And we don't have to say "no" to every proposal by the Democrats; we have to say "no" to the ones that will likely end up destroying this country. If the Dhimmicrats can't change their goals, who are they to complain?

Bob Belvedere said...


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