Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama: “What can we do to piss off Israel today?”

Powerline has an excellent post on the decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson, the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and well known enemy of Israel (there is more, also, from Jennifer Rubin).

Most people seem to be focused primarily on domestic (mainly economic) matters at this time, and rightly so. But I join with Joe Biden (you won’t see me write that very often!) in declaring that this administration is going to be severely tried in the realm of foreign policy before too much longer, and the results are not likely to be favorable to U.S. interests due to Obama’s alienation from the philosophical underpinnings and history of his own country (that’s “the United States” for you birthers out there), his doctrinaire statism, his determination to be the “Un-Bush”, and the coterie of foreign policy ideologues and/or ignoramuses that make up much of his foreign policy team (or perhaps I should say teams, since there appear to be mobs of foreign policy advisers with different reporting chains tripping over each other out there).

Huge deficits, unstimulating porkulus bills, environmental fascism, the threat of third-rate health care, and now, possibly, a renewed nuclear arms race and the erosion of heretofore strong alliances; Obama wasn’t so much elected, as he was unleashed upon us, like something particularly awful out of Pandora’s box.


JeffS said...

Yep, Obama just took his mask off.

RebeccaH said...

I think Obama's mask has been slipping for some time now.

Anonymous said...

I hope we have to endure only one term of this. But how long will it take to undo the damage?


Isophorone said...

First Israel, then Honduras, then . . . ?