Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey, what gives?

So, I’m goin’ tru my emails an’ I see one from de Daley Gator an’ he’s braggin’ about bein’ included on a right-wing mob list put out by some internet reds callin’ demselves Media Matters. Anyhow, I click on over to dis bolshie outfit and I read tru de article and guess who’s conspickyoos by his absence? Yers truly, dat’s whom! Yeh, youse hoid right; Paco Enterprises ain’t nowhere to be seen. For cryin’ out loud, it’s like I’m an extra on de set a’ Little Caesar, jus’ some goomba pushin’ a’ ice-cream cart aroun’ in de background. Whaddaya t’ink a’ dat, boys?

Dat’s a helluva note, boss!

We wuz robbed!

Leave us pay a little visit to dis alligator guy wit’ a baseball bat, Chief!

Steady, boys, steady! De last t’ing we want is a gang war. For now, we’ll be big about dis business and jus’ wish de Gator congratulations. But don't get cocky, wise guy. An' stay outta de North Side.


richard mcenroe said...

Perhaps we need to apply ourselves...

Anonymous said...

Hey Boss! Dat ain't right! You not bein' mentioned an all. I nos you don't want no gang war or nuttin, but you just say da woid en wees'll let dat Gator fella no da whots whot. Yu nos the associates are itching. Hey! I just had me a cojjitashun. We cud deliver a nice cake to Mr. Gator fur his party. Whot ya say?

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

OT: The word for verification was "querstan". Now I can't keep up with all those "stans", but just where the heck is it? Is their flag that fuschia and magenta plaid banner I think I saw fluttering in the breeze at the UN? Isn't their national motto, "One night in Querstan makes a hard man humble"?

Deborah Leigh

Paco said...

Deb: Now dat I tink about it, we might jus' hijack a coupla his beer trucks - to teach him a lesson.

RebeccaH said...

WV: ligrenta.

The national dish of Querstan.