Sunday, September 6, 2009

See Ya!

Van Jones gets the boot.

Hey, you're welcome, America.

Update: So, what next for Mr. Jones? My money's on a teaching position - probably in the "Urban Studies" department of some big-city university - plus a book deal (likely title: How Fake African-Americans Are Selling Out to the Man).

The guy's actually pretty lucky. If he lived in the kind of society he's trying to promote, he'd have been executed for Trotskyite deviations years ago.

Update II: Of course, some people think the whole Jones thing was no big deal.

Update III: The Other McCain has got a linking Jones goin' on.

Update IV: Still plenty of room under there!

Update V: Big Memeorandum thread.


JeffS said...

Obama is throwing them under the bus much faster these days. Must be awful, having all that pressure to deal with.

Of course, the question remains, just how did Jones get selected by the White House for this highly paid and powerful position, given his anti-American, socialist, pro-terror, and racist history?

I know, I know, the question is rhetorical. But I'd like to see Obama answer this. Or at least Robert Gibbs. That would be entertaining. To say the least.

DarkGravity said...

Hmmm. Judging by that exclamation point, you almost seem happy about this?

Paco said...

DG: Let's just say, I will lose little or no sleep over his resignation.

RebeccaH said...

It would be interesting to start a pool on which adviser/czar gets a boot print on his/her butt, with subsequent tire track on his/her face, next. I'd like it to be Valerie Jarrett, or Rahm Emanuel, or both, but I won't hold my breath.

JeffS said...

John Holdren, I'd wager, Rebecca, although there are other viable candidates. Valerie and Rahm are far too close to Obama, since they're both from Chicago, and Valerie actually worked with the Obamas prior to his run for the Senate.

smitty1e said...

And how's the Howlin' Hobbit hat? Stacy's trying to earn a living, and I snuck in and put HH in there.
The bit around Update VII is pure comedy gold.

Paco said...

Smitty: the hat is very late-50s/early 60s. Too "modern" for me (but perfect for a musician).

Bob Belvedere said...

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