Thursday, September 24, 2009


I started vacation today, and will be out all next week. We’re not planning on going anywhere, except for maybe a couple of day trips, so I had thought that might mean more (maybe even excessive) posting. But now I’m not so sure. Mrs. Paco, ominously, has broken out her “to do” list. It has given me a feeling similar to what I imagine a nervous defendant in a Victorian–era English courtroom would feel, while he watches the bewigged judge fish around among his papers looking for the square of black silk.

I hope to spread the chores out, however, so as to at least create the illusion of periodic relaxation. Meanwhile, be sure to pay a visit to Tim Blair’s wayward children.

1) Boy on a Bike warns us about one of the hazards of growing old: there’s not always somebody around to vet our wardrobe.

2) Mr. Bingley spots the AP cruising through an alternative universe.

3) That wild man of the web, TimT, takes a look at the dark underside of “kniterature.”

4) Richard McEnroe – a protestor’s protestor – brings us word of the Whole Foods “buycott” in Pasadena

5) kae has spooky pictures of a dust storm. I drove through one of these in Phoenix one time; scary, but awesome.


kc said...

The only time I get a vacation is when everyone else in the family decides to leave...or not come by, depending on who it is. No such thing. When Hubby takes vacation, I still have dishes, laundry, meals to fix...I've got the only job there's no vacation and no retirement from - I'm the Homemaker.

So, have a FINE time off from paid work, and try to stay out of your Lovely Bride's way as much as possible!

Mr. Bingley said...

Have a great Honey-Do list week!

Yojimbo said...

I'm pretty much in KC's shoes.

Hey KC, maybe we should unionize! If we put "International" and "Brotherhood" in our name we are sure to get some funds from this congress.

Hey now! Hey now!

Paco said...

KC: With respect to serious repairs, my job consists mainly of holding the ladder and passing tools up to Mrs. Paco.

kc said...

Yojimbo - I like it! There's a certain ring to "International Brotherhood of Homemakers and Housewives," isn't there!


TW: I swear, it was taxylip. A new BarryO 'not a tax' fee?