Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let’s Deprive Our Troops of Supplies in Memory of Ted Kennedy

The senate has diverted 2.6 billion – that’s billion - dollars from a defense spending bill in order to finance earmarks. Twenty million dollars is going to fund a freaking educational institute named after the late Senator Edward Kennedy. What the hell are they going to teach there? If there’s any justice at all, there will be a whole department dedicated to this subject.

I invite my readers to suggest other worthy academic disciplines that might be taught at the (spit!) Ted Kennedy School.


Deuce Geary said...

Scuba diving. Of course.

Actually, I stole that from Rush Limbaugh, who, in talking about Ted Kennedy's then-pending nuptuals, used to joke that the bride was registered for wedding gifts at Scuba World.

When he wasn't being all racist and stuff.

Minicapt said...

Snorkel diving would be somewhat more appropriate. Inner tube floating?


Paco said...

Welcome, Deuce!

The only thing I miss about the Clinton years is Rush's superb imitation of Bill's voice.

JeffS said...

The US Constitution.

Oh, wait........never mind.

Mouth to mouth resuscitation and CPR.

richard mcenroe said...

Sexual Relationships 101: The Brassiere -- Just Yank the Damn Thing

Yojimbo said...

Making the perfect "sandwich".

Optimizing your Bimbo Eruption Team.

Anonymous said...

The Ted Kennedy School of Engineering could come up with material that doesn't get wet after being submerged.

Senator Chris Dodd could inaugurate a Ted Kennedy Kitchen Stadium. You know what the first battle would be. See Yojimbo's post.

Deborah Leigh

mojo said...

Speaking without saying anything
Advanced Sexual Harassment
How to Bribe a Senator
Dipsomania (Graduate)