Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Some people eat turkey, some eat ham, others go for the traditional goose. Stacy McCain is having David Brooks flambé.


Steve Burri said...

Stacy and his family will starve this year. David Brooks adds no meat to his own flambe.

Paco said...

It is a very low-cal meal. Maybe better as an appetizer.

JeffS said...

Gnawing on David Brooks would be as satisfying as munching tofu burned to a crisp.

Anonymous said...

But think how it will reduce Stacy's carbon footprint. Not filling but very sustainable what with all the prattlers running about these days.

I and my love, on-the-other hand, partook of a fine Christmas dinner of melt-in-your -mouth Tyler, Texas BBQ.

Merry Christmas, Paco, Mrs. Paco, Mabel and all the gang! I raise my mug of hot Apple Cider to you.

Deborah Leigh